Saturday, July 20, 2013

I Hope They Sell Non-resident Drone Hunting Permits... a reasonable cost because if they do, I'm buying one. Yes, I realize that the licenses only would be a symbolic means, by one small town, of protesting the federal government's use of drones. I know it would not actually permit me to shoot them down. All I will say about that is, too bad for the wannabe drone hunter.

Seriously though, it simply boggles the mind that the feds cannot understand that the whole license thing is in essence a political statement and had to come out with a warning against shooting them down. The license simply is not to be taken seriously as allowing a hunting season on drones but the government cannot see that, at least not the FAA who issued the warning (source). It is also baffling that the government is totally out of control when it comes to violating the rights of Americans. All the surveillance they are performing and plan to perform on U.S. Citizens and legal residents who are not even suspected of a single criminal offense is flabbergasting. This is not the America in which I was raised nor is it the America that the Founding Fathers nor the Framers of the Constitution thought of when forming this great nation. It is certainly much more akin to nations under the rule of leaders like: Hitler, Stalin, Pot and Mao.

If a revolution does take place, I would bet that the same arsehats in power, as those pushing for all this spying on Americans (telephone records, Internet records, surveillance cameras in town and cities, license plate readers everywhere, drones in our skies, the Patriot Act making it easier for the government to  surveil, search and arrest without warrants and all the rest), would actually be stupid enough to wonder why and how it came about . They would say that they merely had been protecting Americans and the American Way when truthfully what they have been doing is implementing tyranny by way of a slow and sure  and progressive infringement of each and everyone of our rights.

It is about time someone in government, at any level, called bullshit on them. Yep, if they come out with those licenses for non-residents, I think I'll have to get one to keep the government on its toes. One has to wonder if someone will think of issuing hunting licenses for the politicians as well, what with the way they have been fucking things up lately. I'd get one of them too just to help send the message that they need to get things right for a change.  Then again, bounties on them might be a more effective strategy;) - one can dream, can't one.

All the best,
Glenn B

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