Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dog Bites Dog, Other Dog Bites Back, Dog Bites Wife, Dog Bites Daughter...

...as each tries to separate the dogs. Husband snoozes peacefully oblivious to all, hears dogs barking and goes back to sleep. Then hears wife calling for help and saying they are fighting. He looks for gun and asks who is fighting. Wife says dogs, he leaves gun behind and goes outside to get the dogs apart. The 65 pound (at last weigh in but has gained weight and may be 70 to 75 now) mutt was chomping away with sheer abandon on the 25 pound (or so) mutt. Husband gives some commands, bigger mutt does not heed but smaller one tries to back off but bigger one just takes advantage of that and attacks more viciously, and they both go at it again. Bigger one then gets two or three good kicks to ribcage but does not back off. Then grabbed by side of head just under and behind each ear. Still has death hold on smaller mutts neck and crunching sounds heard like windpipe getting smashed but at last is somewhat controlled and cannot shake her side to side now as she was before. Smaller one wriggles out but then the big one locks jaws with her, more crunching and cracking. Some more commands and some tweaking by husband, larger one lets go only to grab belly or groin area of smaller one. Yelping, growling. FATHER TELLING DAUGHTER TO GET BUCKET OF WATER, DAUGHTER RETURNS IN SPLIT SECOND WITH LARGE SNOW SHOVEL RAISED HIGH AND ABOUT TO START SWINGING DOWN MORE LIKELY TO HIT FATHER THAN DOG (and father thinks this would be good way to kill dad in an Alfred Hitchcock presents episode). FATHER GETS THEM APART HE TELLS HER TO DROP IT. SHE DOES - WHEW! Smaller mutt runs toward door to house and father tells daughter to let her in. Larger dog tied up out in yard to chain that is around tree.

Wife inside sitting on kitchen floor looking dazed and in pain, some blood but really that not much - thankfully. Still enough blood to be too much. Father/husband administer first aid. Then he takes daughter and wife to hospital. Wife has fairly deep puncture on back of hand near near wrist, and a couple of other cuts on knuckles. Daughter has sliced and slightly punctured finger tip. Wife gets a shot and prescription for antibiotics, same for daughter. Wife is in a lot of pain and refuses the good pain meds (damn) and asks for a Motrin. (She will regret that tonight when she tries to sleep and rolls over on it.)

Out of hospital, off to vet (while in hospital, son was called to go home, get smaller mutt and bring her to vet). Get to vet and even though they said she was ready to go when called, on arrival they say he is undergoing procedure. Went home, bigger mutt had a couple of small cuts or punctures on front legs. Bigger dog sent away for night to daughter's fiance's house. Husband will go to pick up smaller mutt later. Second time in about two years that this has happened but no humans bitten first time.

Yep, that was our house at about 1715 this evening. I cannot wait to see the vet and hospital bills. Our bigger mutt is lucky that I had been sleeping and was a bit too groggy to lay my hand right on my pistol before my wife told me it was the dogs fighting or there would have been a chance I would have shot the bitch. I had just seen it and was grabbing for it when she explained it was the dogs fighting and I realized it was not some psycho or robber attacking one of them.

I finally got the bigger bitch to let go. with a bit more tweaking. Pain is a good inducer for respect and obedience. I have to admit, her head looked a whole lot bigger during the maybe 10 to 20 (at the outside most) seconds I held her and tried to get them apart. Yep it sure was a bit scary. Scary shit when they are fighting and not listening and biting and growling and biting and yelping and biting. Normally, I would not try that, that is go hands on like I did. I would rather douse em with water or vinegar or whatever, but it was pretty obvious she was hurting our smaller mutt pretty badly. I do not think my wife or daughter will ever go hands on again in a dogfight, not how they tried it tonight where they got their hands too close to the dogs' mouths. At least the way I grabbed her, I would have had some control of her had she tried to bite me.

Oh well, have to hope the wife and daughter do not get infections. Then some serious discussion is in order for tomorrow about getting rid of the larger of the two mutts. She is usually very good with dogs and always good with people (until this) but as I said got carried away once or twice before fighting with out other mutt. I imagine it was a fight for dominance. Had she grabbed one of our Chihuahuas like that she would have killed it for sure and she apparently put a good hurting on the other mutt who is still at the vet. She would likely be better off in a one dog home. As I said, we have some jaw boning to do around here tomorrow on that topic.

You know, it may be Christ's birthday and all but I have to say it, no disrespect meant: What A Merry Fucking Christmas For Us Here In What Amounts To The Manger Of Bizarro World.

Edited at 2056 to add: The vet just called, she will be ready for pick-up at 2300 to 2330. It looks like no Christmas spirits for me until after that and it will be too late to enjoy them on Christmas by the time I get home, though not too late to enjoy the spirits of the day after Christmas, and I am sure to have at least one or three after this fine mess.

Edited at 0007 on 12/26 to add: Since Christmas is a season for giving, perhaps I should not feel all that bad about paying the emergency veterinarian bill, at about 2300 on Christmas night, to have Mimi stitched up, have a couple of drains put into two of her several wounds and for various medicines, anesthesia and other stuff. I just got home leaving them $840 better off and me that much poorer. That is not all of it, they charged my card about $144 more and did not know how to refund it. Hopefully they will get it refunded within the next two days by the time Mimi has to go to our regular vet to have the drains removed. Maybe that refund will cover it. Then in two weeks she again has to go to the regular vet to have the stitches removed. Shit, for $840 it should have been all 
inclusive and done at the same place!

I hope your Christmas was a little more blessed than was ours. I must admit though, up until and except for that, ours was nice.

All the best,
Glenn B

What An Unexpected Christmas Present - Laurel and Hardy Live On Forever

When I was around 8 to 9 years old, I began to love watching Laurel and Hardy on television. It was a different time back then and a kid of that age did not have the understanding of such things as reruns, or about the immortality of films. Then again, maybe it was just me  who did not understand and I guess I believed that anything on television was live. I said something to my brother one day, I do not have a clue as to what it was that I said, that got this response from him (or pretty close to it): 'Don't be stupid, they aren’t alive anymore, they’re dead'. To which I replied along these lines: ‘How can they be dead, there they are right now on the television!’ My brother then briefly explained the facts of life to me about being immortalized on film. I was thunderstruck, I was sad, I was mad, I was helpless and it looked as if the world was about to end. I got over it somehow but I never got over Laurel and Hardy. 

They were two very funny men. Their shorts and movies are true classics and as far as I am concerned, as long as I am alive, they will never die. I don’t watch them much now, but if they are on for a late night movie, that is what I will watch. They always make me laugh and oddly enough always make me sad because they are gone but the laughter wins out every time.

Something today came as a Christmas surprise when I opened an email a friend, Pete A. had sent me a day or two ago. It was a video clip from YouTube featuring Laurel and Hardy edited into a music video. Not only did it make me happy to see them but it made me even happier to realize that they are still appreciated today. They are still alive aren't they? Just watch this video and try to convince me otherwise. I mean: ‘How can they be dead, there they are right now on the television YouTube!’

That video and that rendition of Bei mir bist du schön (German name), by Ilhama Gasimova, also called Bei mir bistu shein (original Yiddish name) and not scheen, was excellent!

Thanks Pete, for one of the best Christmas presents I have ever received! Knowing they live on because they are still appreciated by a younger generation is absolutely excellent because it means they will live forever even after I am long gone. I guess, in a way my brother was right but how I wish he was still here among us for me to be able to tell him, not so much just how wrong he had been, but rather to let him know the good news that they live on after all. Then again, he probably knew that all along in his adult years, I am pretty sure he remained a fan.

By the way, this song was written in 1932, by Yiddish composers. It was a big hit for The Andrews Sisters (link to Wikipedia info) back in 1937 or 1938 once rewritten with English language lyrics (source). Here is one of the versions by the Andrews Sisters with some great photos of them.

I used to love The Andrews Sisters (link to official website) too, with their angelic voices. I guess I still do because they too live on (and I suspect so too will Ilhama due to her version of this song). They were in a couple of Abbott and Costello movies and were always great. What fabulous memories for a wonderful Christmas morning and what a great fairly new rendition of an old classic! Thanks again Pete. Merry Christmas.

All the best,
Glenn B

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all. Now it's time for me to go HO HO HO, that is, right after I plant the presents around the tree.

All the best,
Glenn B