Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sold A Gun...

...the first one I have sold in awhile, that being my New England Firearms Pardner single barreled 12 gauge shotgun.
Well, maybe it is premature to say I have sold it already but the auction it was in has closed and the high bidder bid $125 on it. My lowest acceptable bid was set at $85. I am quite satisfied with that sale price and if the sale goes through to completion I will be a happy camper. I may even be able to save the buyer some money by delivering it to his FFL instead of shipping it and charging him the $40 for shipping and handling that I specified in the item description. He lives about an hour away from me, and if he is willing to cough up $20 for gas and tolls, I will deliver it to his FFL if possible. Of course, that is if he wants me to do it that way. There is no way it is not going through an FFL, at least for the required NICS check; although, since it is a private sale, I do not think it needs the transfer paperwork if we do it in person. If I ship it though, he will pay not only shipping but also a transfer fee plus the NICS check fee because there in no way I am shipping it to anyone but an FFL.
Whatever, if it goes through, I will have paid some of the $577 that I just spent at the Hessney Auction earlier this week. I also sold a Pentax K1000 camera on Ebay, only $20.50 but it is more to add to the pot. A few more items sold and I will have made it all back and can attend their next auction in August - maybe.

I miss the gun already and seller's remorse is creeping up on me once again but being able to pay off the guns I just bought is an overriding factor this time around.
All the best,
Glenn B

While I Don't Have The Balls To Be The Test Case...

...the logic behind what is being stated in this linked article is almost flawless except it has nothing to do with license but everything to do with our right to bear arms. I think it is not a nationwide concealed carry with which we should concern ourselves but a nationwide right to keep and bear arms; then again maybe it is the privilege given by a license  which we should target here as Amendment XIV does speak of privileges and not of rights and the two are vastly different.

My bet is that some who reads that article will indeed offer himself or herself up as the test case by parading through a place like NYC or Chicago while openly armed. Time will tell and so too will the quality of the lawyers who make up his or her defense team. The Supremes have opened a can of worms for themselves from everything from gun control to marijuana use to assisted suicide.

All the best,
Glenn B
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