Saturday, June 30, 2018

Leftist Billionaire Says: " Maybe we can have, like, a nuclear war...

...and then we get a real course correction." As Fox news reported it:

"Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer suggests in a Rolling Stone interview this week that “nuclear war” could provide a “course correction” for the U.S. following Donald Trump’s presidency." (More here at the source.) If you would like to see it in the context that he said it, go to this link.

Why is this apparently not being reported by the likes of CNN, MSNBC, MBC, CBS etc.? I ask that last because I did a Google search for "Tom Steyer Nuclear War" and came up with zero results for anything by any of those media outlets - at least in the first five pages of results, I figured if not in the first five pages articles by those media giants would not come up at all simply because they did not exist. I mean - wouldn't you think they would come up on page one with something that newsworthy. Anyway, I checked further. I did a Google Search of "CNN Tom Steyer Nuclear War" and again came up with nothing about it from any major media outlet except Fox News. Did the same thing substituting MSNBC in place of CNN and also came up with zilch except for Fox news as far as big media goes. Then I looked at the CNN home page - nothing there about it either that I saw. That may all change, once enough people get pissed off that they are not reporting it, they may post a small blurb but I would bet they will not condemn him for having said it.
Now if you think this was false reporting by Fox or if you merely do not prefer to believe the quote is real because Fox News is considered by many to be conservative - then read on because there definitely is a leftist leaning liberal source for the quote. The one liberal media outlet that did post what he reportedly said was  Rolling Stone Magazine. After all - he reportedly said it in an interview by Rolling Stone. So if you want confirmation by a leftist/liberal organization that he said that - before he backpedaled after being told by the interviewer that what he said was "sobering", - go to this link.

I can just hear they, the extremists on the left, who will support him: "But - but - but - he took it back the comment about nuclear war so that makes it okay". In other words, it will make it right in his mind and in the vacuums that pass for minds of extreme leftists and they will continue on in their march to destroy America. Please note, I did not say all on the eft - just the extremists on the left (I add that as a clarification for someone who recently wrongly accused me of saying everyone on the left was a POS like Peter Fonda when all I essentially said was that those like him on the left are also POS. I don't need anyone again wrongly telling me what I meant by what I said but I have wandered so back to my post.)

I think that statement only goes to show how crazy and twisted and vehemently hateful are the thoughts of extreme leftists. Imagine for a moment - he would have had the USA in a nuclear war. What was he thinking. We would be attacked with nuclear weapons and we would strike back back with nuclear weapons and maybe the whole world destroyed just to get rid of President Donald Trump and set a course correction for America! Is he fucking crazy!

 As I said tough, he reportedly took that statement back and decided he should be a bit more tempered! So exactly with what would he like to temper his nuclear war statement - an air, sea and ground invasion of the USA by communist forces, a full scale civil war right here on our soil, the dissolution of our government after a military coup - or what???????????? If no crazy maybe he was being sly as a fox. Was his alleged statement part of a continued plan to spew forth hateful rhetoric in the hope that what he said would have the effect of stirring other extremists into a frenzy of hatred and violence! It seems to be the norm for the likes of him lately. 
Idea men like these - whom I think have ideas with little to no logical thought in them are dangerous. I also think what is worse though are the loonies that will suck up his ideas like a dried out sponge sucks up water. All I see people like him producing are plans filled with nasty emotions and dreams of violence that will destroy their enemies. Who are their enemies - evidently all who do not agree with them! Yes, they are dangerous to the extreme and it seems that each day - more and more folks on the left are thoughtfully 

vacuously spewing forth hatred with each and every exhalation. I think, that sooner rather than much later, it is all going to result in mass violence for which the leftists seemingly keep hoping.

Pray for peace folks but be prepared for civil war and be prepared to defend yourselves, your families & loved ones and maybe even your neighbors. I do not say this lightly - it may be just over the horizon.

All the best,
Glenn B


Friday, June 29, 2018

Found Myself An Extra Magazine For My Voere...

...and I did not have to order it from Poland or Germany either. Guy in Ohio had one for sale on eBay. In fact, I saw two Voere mags, both marked "Aut." on the baseplate like mine. Thing is the one at $44.99 plus 6.99 shipping did not look exactly like mine. The other one was a dead ringer for the one I already have so I ordered it.

It was not cheap @ $100 plus $8 shipping. Luckily something came up on the item screen I had never seen on eBay before - a notice telling me if I used a code I could get $15 off. I used the code so my total was $93. Darned expensive for a 22LR magazine. Then again, those I have seen being offered in Germany and Poland, by way of the Internet, are going for $80 plus shipping and - I'd have to wait however long, have them go through Customs, maybe get arrested as an arms smuggler. and whatever. (Years ago, ATF banned further importation of the Voere rifles that fire from an open bolt and I am none to sure you can import parts for them legally.)

So, if it arrives, is the same one that was pictured on eBay and works properly, I will be a happy camper shootist. If not, even though the guy does not accept returns, eBay insures it will be as advertised and such or my money back.

All the best,
Glenn B

Okay Everyone - Think The Number 112

Nope, this is not a magic trick but if magic works who can knock it so please send some this way. The number 112 is my sons raffle number in a firearms raffle. There are only two more chances for his number to win, tonight and tomorrow night. Maybe if you all think of his number - it will come in as the NY Lottery's daily evening number and make him a winner in the gun raffle. Who knows.

Tonight's prize is a Ruger Mini 14 and tomorrow's is a$500 gift card at a gun shop.

Yeah, I have tickets too. While he has just one, I have seven but mine are relatively unimportant. Don't get me wrong - sure I would like to win but seeing him win would be much better.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Invest Now - Then Keep A Few Out & Bury The Rest

They certainly make some excellent videos. I miss the guy with the beard (who sadly assed on a couple or few years back) but nonetheless their videos are usually excellent.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Heart Warming Story Of An Armed Mother's Love

 This past Friday, a Virginia mother, protecting herself and her two daughters, fired two shots at a New Zealand man who had thrown a landscaping stone through their front door. He allegedly had traveled from New Zealand to Australia to Los Angeles to Washington, DC by air - then taken a bus to Richmond and allegedly claimed he had hitchhiked 30 miles to get to their house. Why? Apparently because he wanted to see the woman's 14 year old daughter. The man had been in contact with the daughter on the Internet for an extended period but the contact had been broken off previously and he reportedly had been told the girl no longer wished to communicate with him. (More at the source.)

Well, maybe he wanted to do a bit more than see her. It was reported that when police arrived they found he was in possession of a knife, duct tape and pepper spray - all purchased once he was in the USA. What on earth do you think he might have done with that had the mother not armed herself and shot him after he threw that landscaping stone though their front door essentially destroying the mostly glass door.

The man has reportedly not yet been charged but my guess is that once he is out of the hospital he will be brought to justice. Oh, did I forget to mention - mama shot him in the neck. Maybe, if the bullet(s) or bone fragments hit the spinal cord, he will wind up paralyzed and never again able to commit such an alleged act.

It truly warms the cockles of my heart to read stories like this.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 25, 2018

We Need To Purge This Country Of Sick Violent Animals... the five alleged gang members who killed a 15 year old boy, an NYPD Police Explorer, this past Friday in the Bronx, NY in an apparent case of mistaken identity. I don't care how we get rid of them but get rid of them is what we need to do and in doing so we need to assure it is a permanent solution so that they will never return to be free to do something like this again.

The filth to which I am referring reportedly relentlessly and repeatedly stabbed and hacked to death the boy (there is a video of the attack embedded below under the page break). It has been reported that they are members of the Trinitarios.  Supposedly, gang members offered an apology to the boy's mother by saying it was a case of mistaken identity (source) - yet someone claiming to be one of the killers boasted about it on Instagram (source)! Imagine their unmitigated vile and sickening gall to brag about killing anyone let alone it having been the wrong person. They are the scum of the scum of the earth - in my opinion - they do not deserve to live.

Are you a bleeding heart, are you a leftist or liberal or a religious on the right who believes they deserve another chance and that they only killed the boy the way they did because they have been oppressed all of their lives and you want to offer every excuse for them! If so, watch the embedded video, if you do not change your mind after that to believing they are nothing more than sick savages and brutal animals - you are part of the problem.

Note, the video shows an actual extremely brutal and gruesome killing - it is not for the squeamish. Thus it is under the cover of a page break, click below to be able to watch it. My guess is it will be removed soon, either from my blog by Blogger or from the Internet by the news organization that posted it. I am very surprised they actually posted it for public review, it is that horrible; yet, they did post it. So, if you really want to watch it, do so while still available. I am sharing it only so that it may help make people wake up to what our country has become - a haven for violent thugs, gang members and other criminals - and hopefully take action to change things.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Almost Time To Watch...


I love it.

Later 4 U,

Damn, I Am Not Receiving Comment Notifications Again!

I went through the litany of things I tried last time this happened and hopefully I eliminated whatever again caused me not to receive notices that there were pending comments for my blog. I just went in and published several comments, I think dating back as far as May 23rd. Sorry for the delay folks and no I was not ignoring you (well at least not the folks who left half respectful comments).

Edited To Add: Seems to be working now.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Day So Far...

...has been okay with only one exception - more on that later.
I started off at about 0530 this morning when I heard Abby whining at the top of the cellar stairs. Notice I did not say the top of the basement stairs; I guess that's because we had a coal cellar in both of the apartment building in which I lived as a kid into my twenties. Even though often used synonymously - a basement is often thought of as the downstairs (below ground) portion of a house used for storage or for a recreational room. On the other hand, a cellar is a below ground room beneath a dwelling in which things like wine or coal usually are stored in bulk. In our house, we have no coal and little wine stored in our cellar but I do have a little bit of lead, copper and brass - so for me it is our cellar.  Way did I go off on a tangent...

Back to Abby our long haired Chihuahua (actually first named by me as: A B Something & A B Normal). Well she was up at the top of the stairs, prone and looking down at me while whining away with her I want to go outside whine. So up and away I was to let her out. Right after I let her out, I let Pepe from his cage to go outside and spritz the bushes - his usual morning routine. He sleeps in a cage, one of those used to transport dogs to the vet and such, every night that we do not forget to tell him to go to bed. He goes in on his own when you tell him go to bed. All of our dogs, even our much larger mutt Mimi will get in that cage to take a nap during the day. They love it. Anyway, Pepe being a male is a pisser both figuratively and literally and he will pee in the cellar so we keep him locked up at night. he makes it through every night without having to go. The thing is, if we live him uncaged, he may get up in the middle of the night and come to where one of us is sleeping and spin round and around with his I gotta go outside spin but he makes zero noise when doing it. He rarely whines to go out. If you are not awake and if he does not awaken you when he does it, he will go and pee wherever in the cellar that he pleases. So locked up at night he stays. Then, Mimi decided to join the other two and she came up from the cellar to do her thing outside.

Once they were back inside, I gave them fresh water and fed them breakfast. It was then that Lucy, the last of our three Chihuahuas graced us with her presence - she had been sleeping upstairs. They all wolfed down their morning meal and back outside they all went - well for Lucy it was her first time outside today.

After that, I made a pot of coffee. As that was brewing, I grabbed one of the leftover Bratwursts, from yesterday's dinner, from the fridge and threw it in a frying pan with some butter and some browned onions. Once that had gotten nice and hot, and the onions were getting much browner than my wife had made them, I grabbed a couple of eggs and threw them in there too. That was my breakfast along with bit of tart cherry juice. It was delicious.
The Bratwursts were not the usual ones we get from either Forest Pork Store or Morscher's Pork Store (I highly recommend this place and that plug is absolutely gratis) nor those my brothers-in-law sometimes bring us but were from - of all places - Costco. They were Kirkland brand and I had decided to buy them on a lark. They were quite the tasty morsels - granted not as good as those from the pork stores or the brothers-in-law but yummy indeed. My wife thought they were very good and my mother-in-law said they were delicious and very good (any compliments like that from her are high praise indeed especially since I had cooked them, she often refuses to eat what I cook). I have tried only one other packaged Bratwurst before, those offered by Boar's Head; they were excellent - as good as those among the best we get. When I see them around here, I am going to get them and cook them up without telling anyone where they were from and see how well they go over. I had then just one time, while visiting Brendan in AR this past spring and we were both very surprised at how good they tasted.

Once done with breakfast and the breakfast dishes, it was already around 0700. I went back downstairs to the basement cellar watched a little bit of the news, watched a bit of some old movie or another and dicked putzed around with a couple of my guns, did this and that. Next thing I knew it was already 0830 or so. That meant the wife had already made breakfast of blueberry pancakes for her and the Then I spent about 2 hours online doing nothing of importance to anyone but me, mostly stuff related to my blog and or guns.
At 1030 or so, I decided to go outside and grab my brand new edge trimmer and do some edge trimming on my front law. It had not been edge trimmed in about two years. Yep, I kept on meaning to get a new edge trimmer but as I have said before and will say again right now - I am The Great Procrastinator. I found the box in the garage just where I left it about a week or more ago when I brought it home from Homer's Depot. I opened the box, took everything out of it, went outside to our small front patio, sat down at the patio table and started reading the instructions. I stopped reading after I saw how to put it together and I slapped everything in place. Then I went at trimming an edge around the lawn. The damn line kept breaking, I guess because it was hitting concrete. Not a problem if it had it automatically fed more line but was a problem cause it did not feed any and I had to take it apart about 8 to 10 times to refeed the line manually. Luckily I had bought two extra spools of line cause I went through just a bit more than two of them. It was feeding properly and I had gotten better at it by the third spool. (maybe I should read all of the instructions.)
Got most of it done and then my back had a spasm - I did say I'd get back to the one thing that was the exception to it having been a good day so far. Mother jumper my back has not spazzed like that in 10 to 15 years. I have been lifting lots of heavy bags of Calico Stone to put a border around one side of the backyard, potting and garden soil for planting veggies, putting in a small, paving stone, platform for our smoker and stuff like that over the past couple of weeks and I guess I threw out my back a bit two days ago. I should have waited longer before doing anything where I had to bend but shit had to be done and even though I love to procrastinate - two years had been long enough a wait for the edge trimming.

I gave myself a short break, did a bit more edging and then said screw it. There was only a small portion along my short driveway left and instead of moving my car to be able to do it, I put away the edge trimmer because I had another spasm. She who must be adored brought me some Aleve for the asking, I took them and then started to sweep up my mess. I bent over several more times but was not lugging the edge trimmer nor yanking the extension cord (it's electric) and no more spasms.
Got the sweeping done and put everything, for the rest of my garden work, away. I do not need to throw out the back in a worse way, so will let it rest for the remainder of the day. The wife took a look at what I had done and was quite pleased and seemed sympathetic about my back. Maybe that was because hers had been aching a couple of days ago as well. Then it was back to the cellar for me to clean up and holy cow when I looked at the clock I saw it was 2PM. Where had the time gone - I had been outside trimming, edging, pulling weeds from the cracks in the sidewalk & paving stones and then sweeping for over three hours.
Then what to do but sit down, once all cleaned up, with the A/C on full blast (yes it was very warm and humid outside and I had gotten soaked in my own sweat) and enjoy a Paulaner Hefe Weisse Bier. Now, as I have pointed out too many times before, I am subject to getting gout attacks and had one last weekend. Thus I drank only on two days since last Saturday - a single drink of vodka on Wednesday and a few drinks on Friday night. No beers at all because beer is the worst for the gout. I am taking a chance by having a beer today but I probably will be alright since I did not drink a lot 
this last week and had no other beers at all. I hope so anyway because I am about to have a second one. They are extremely delicious. Of course, I could have something else, maybe a vodka and lemonade (less chance of it causing gout or so said my doctor and my experience indicates she was right), but I was seriously in the mood for a couple of these fine German biers and after that edge trimming and such - I deserve them.
All the best,
Glenn B


Good Fences Make Good Neighbors...

..and good signs help keep them on their side of the fence alive and well.

All the best,
Glenn B

That's Just So Not Right... would work for me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tunnel Vision At Its Finest

What a putz.

All the best,
Glenn B

I Can Tolerate The Devout Religious... long as they do not push their dogma down my throat nor attack me. Then again, should they attack my family, they would get unholy hell from me in response.

Not only does the priest strike the infant at least twice (the first time from around the back of the baby's head) and then directly to the face, but he pulls the baby's head to his shoulder and apparently refuses to give the baby over to the mother (or the lady standing there if not he mother). If I had been the guy who I am assuming was the father of the baby, who then took the baby from the priest,  there would have been a good chance I would have handed the baby to someone else and given fucking priest a small example of what he can expect in hell. Watch it again and take a good look at that mans face just a split second before the video ends - he looks pissed and leans in toward the priest who still has not let completely go of the child; maybe the priest wound up getting a little taste of fire & brimstone after all.

How the Church has not completely defrocked this piece of shit is totally beyond me. Then again, it should come as no surprise to me as in the past they have covered up the crimes of pedophile priests instead of having them prosecuted - the Church can be that vile.

All the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sometinmes I Do Stupid...

...and I had thought did exactly that when I sold the Argentine Modelo 1891bayonet that came with my Chileno Mauser. I really had no use for it and figured it was not the correct bayonet for the Mauser and sold it at a garage sale. It was only after I sold it that I got to thinking about it; shame on me for being The Great Procrastinator occasionally even when it comes to thinking!

The more I thought about that bayonet and the more I wondered why the Argentine crest had been ground off of it - the more I became convinced that it may have been a captured blade and then put into use by the Chilean armed forces on their Mausers. Of course it would fit the rifle, both Argentina and Chilean militaries were equipped with Mausers (not the same models but apparently close enough to fit the same bayonets). A little more thought and I figured it may also have been part of a contracted shipment of bayonets originally made for Argentina but then for some reason intentionally diverted to Chile by the manufacturer. No matter what I came up with as the possible reason a Chileno Mauser had an Argentine bayonet attached to it - all I could think was that maybe it belonged there and I had screwed up by breaking up the pair.

So, I started looking around on the end-all-be-all when it comes to doing quick research - the Internet. I found some site or forum wherein the author claimed that I was indeed correct, they had been seized during combat between Chile and Argentina. I searched the Internet, found one for sale at less than the price for which I had sold mine, and ordered it figuring it was meant to be paired with my rifle. It arrived today - as nice looking as the first one.

Like with the first one, this second one has matching
serial numbers on the blade and on the scabbard.
I got a bit more curious about it today and tried to find the site or forum where I had read these were seized bayonets. I could not find it. What I did find though was a site that seems to have more, better detailed, better organized and what was probably correct information about these bayonets: - specifically this page about Argentine bayonets. If you read it and compare it to why I thought the crest was ground off, you will see, I was evidently wrong. It was not because these bayonets were captured by the Chilean military from Argentine forces - nor that a shipment first destined to Argentina was rerouted to Chile. In other words, the site where I saw the info saying they had been seized in combat was also full of balderdash even though the author seemed to come off intelligently and as someone knowledgeable on the subject. The apparent reason the crests had been ground off was much more benign - it was because when these blades were exported to the USA as surplus in the 1950s and 1960s, the Argentine government required that their seal be ground off (and note that WorldBayonets makes reference to Colin Webster the author who wrote a book about them while the other guy referenced no one). There went my hopes, that it actually belonged with the Chileno Mauser, over the cliff to the wave battered rocks below. Anyway, I'd sure like to find one with the seal intact - might be worth quite a bit more.

So, what is the correct bayonet for my Chileno Mauser. It is the Chileno Modelo 1895 bayonet; most of them were made by Weyersberg-Kirschbaum (source) - the same company that made the Argentine bayonets (source). I am going to search out one of them and in the meantime I can adorn my Chileno Mauser with the Argentine bayonet just for the heck of it.

So if you thought I was going to say I was an idiot for selling the first one - no I was not even though I should have done more checking before getting rid of it. After all, what I made on it paid for about 40% of what I had paid for it and the Mauser nd the rifle is worth way more than he remaining 60%. What I did though that was really stupid was ordering the second one based on my idea that it belonged paired with the Chileno Mauser and may have been a captured bayonet and then believing what I had wanted to believe about it after to brief a check.  I really should have done additional research on these bayonets and I would have found out it was not correct for the Chileno Mauser and thus did not need to order it.

How did it wind up on the Chileno Mauser - who in Hades knows! My uneducated guess is that they were abundant when the Chileno Mausers were imported and because they fit them - dealers snapped them into place to make the rifles more appealing. Like I said though, that is just my guess - don't go quoting me as some sort of expert on them.

Back to my stupidity for a moment - sometimes even being stupid has its unexpected rewards. I sold my original Argentine bayonet for about $110. I had had it for sale at $125 but lowered the price in a package deal to someone buying numerous items from me and it worked out to that amount when sold. I purchased the new one for $90.03. That is just .03 cents under what will be a $20 profit if I sell the new one for the same price. A profit would be a nice reward. Since these usually sell for quite a bit higher than the price I paid for the second one, even somewhat more than what for what I sold the first one, I probably will have no difficulty selling it and reaping that profit if I decide to do so. So even though I should not have bought the second one without further checking to see if it belonged paired with my Chileno Mauser - I may have made out by buying it. That is, I may have made out, if I decide to sell this one too. It may wind up as a wall hanger for awhile before I do that. 

When it comes right down to it, the end result was not bad at all considering everything - even my stupidity.

All the best,
Glenn B

Friday, June 22, 2018

Praise The Lord And Pass The Vodka

It's Friday And I Just Checked My Meter... see if I give a fuck. Here are my results:

All the best,
Glenn B

An Amazing Ape Is Gone

Koko, the ape (female western lowland gorilla to be more exact) was born on Independence Day 1971. During her life, she learned to comprehend 2,000 words and to sign 1,000 words and she could express its thoughts and feelings to us via sign language. Sadly, at the age of 46, she has passed on to the great jungle in the sky. She was somewhat younger than a lowland gorilla can live as they sometimes live into their young fifties. More at the source.
She had a passion for kittens in the way of a surrogate baby gorilla, I suppose since breeding attempts had all failed. Yet, that she loved her kittens was obvious.

When one of her cats was killed after being hit by  car, her keeper Penny Patterson (Francine "Penny" Patterson), asked her what she thought. Koko's response was truly amazing but confirmed what many have believed for years - animals have emotions. "Koko adopted a kitten called All Ball and when the feline was hit and killed by a car in 1984, Patterson was filmed asking Koko what had happened. Koko signed in response: “Cat, cry, have-sorry, Koko-love.”" Her response also confirmed something else, some animals can think and express themselves more than we ever imagined - all we had to do was find the method for them to use so that we could understand them. 

I wonder if they ever asked her what she thought about mankind and of course wonder at what might have been her answer. I think she maybe could have taught us something about life and humanity had we been brave enough to have asked the right questions and then to have truly listened to her answers.

More about Koko here and here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, June 21, 2018


There must be something wrong with me. I mean - I saw Godzilla after staring at the blonde for like 30 minutes. I'd be willing to bet most men never saw him.
All the best,
Glenn B

Paradise Cannot Be Improved Upon

All the best,
Glenn B

The 'Facts' Of Anti Hunters As Bad As Those Of Anti Gunners

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Sunday School???

All the best,

Peter Fonda And The So Called Tolerance Of The Left

Amazingly and sadly - some on the left probably will praise the disgusting things Peter Fonda said about the president's family and about some of the folks working for President Trump. Certainly you do not hear many, on the left, condemning Fonda's calls for violence against Donald Trump's family or his administration (they are silent just like those of a certain group who keep mum when others of their group rape, torture, crucify, kill people of different groups).
You know, in all eight years that Obama was president, eight years that I was disgusted by our president and his  evident lack of respect for the Constitution, for our laws and for America, I never once recall wishing him or his family that type of harm or wanting to kill him or anyone in his administration. Yes, I despised him or at least his politics and his apparent lack of respect for our country but there was a difference between how I expressed my feelings and thoughts as opposed to how many on the left do likewise to express themselves politically. I did so in a more or less civil manner - too many leftists do it like intolerant, berserk, violence loving maniacs. As a matter of fact - if you think about it - there were nowhere nearly as many on the right wishing President Obama or his family violence as there are those on the left who frequently wish harm upon President Trump, his family and the members of his administration. Heck, there were not even nearly as many on the right who used foul language to describe President Obama as there are on the left who incessantly use such to deride President Trump. That despite the fact that most on the right could not stand President Obama and his policies just as much as those on the left cannot tolerate President Trump. Somehow though, most on the right tolerated President Obama, his family and administration members along with his ultra-leftist politics and his seeming lack of respect for our nation all without calling for violence against them. Yes, those on the right, for the great part, exhibited tolerance.
Tolerance - there it is - the code word of the left - the word used by them over and over and over again - the ideal they preach each and every day and shove into the faces of those who do not agree with them. Still though, it is the ideal that they most certainly do not live by unless they mean tolerance of others with like minds - those with leftist whacko ideals. Why are their voices not now demanding that Peter Fonda exercise tolerance for President Trump and his family? Why are they not going batshit crazy just as they did when the racist comment made by Roseanne Barr came out (and note she did not wish terrible violence upon anyone yet the leftists wanted her career ruined for comparing a person's lineage to apes and Muslims). Yes, what she said was disgusting let alone probably meant to be racist but nowhere in what she said did she call for violence as did Fonda. After all, ripping a child away from its mother would surely entail violence. Then placing that child into a cage full of pedophiles (1) as Fonda allegedly had called for, well you can imagine that and it is not pretty. What he said, I think, was disgustingly vile and beyond belief.
Fonda evidently did not stop there. Not only did Fonda seemingly wish criminal violence on a child, he also allegedly called for it outright against some who work under President Trump such as his reported tweet for Kristjen Nielsen to be put into a cage and poked at by passersby. There reportedly was also the call for her to be stripped naked, put in a pillory and whipped while being filmed (2). He reportedly also made contemptible statements presumably about Sarah Sanders and her children (3). Now you might think all that would get a very condemning response from they who preach tolerance on the left but here is the reported response from Nancy Sinatra: "Say how you really feel, Blues baby" followed by a heart emoji. " (4). Yes, she was seems to have been tolerant  but of Fonda and his terrible hate mongering tweets as opposed to tolerance for the other side.
Not only is Nancy Sinatra seemingly being tolerant of Peter Fonda's violence strewn rants but so too it seems is Sony Pictures Classics who are supposed to be releasing the movie Boundaries, this Friday, in which Peter Fonda has a part. While they reportedly called his tweets "abhorrent, reckless and dangerous" (5) they also reportedly expressed tolerance for Fonda and what he said as evident in this quote from a NY Time article, tolerant because they said they do not plan to cancel the release of the movie: "“We condemn them completely,” the statement went on. “It is important to note that Mr. Fonda plays a very minor role in the film. To pull or alter this film at this point would unfairly penalize the filmmaker Shana Feste’s accomplishment, the many actors, crew members and other creative talent that worked hard on the project.” "(6). It is always easy to make excuses for why you do not take action against your own kind if you stand to profit for making those excuses.
I wonder why no one was so tolerant when Roseanne Barr made her vile tweet - one that did not include calls for violent acts to be committed against several people as did Fonda's! Does it have anything to do with politics such as Roseanne having voted for Trump and Fonda being an abject leftist calling for violent acts against those on the right - even against their children - and that being tolerable to other leftists? You can bet it does, at least I would make that bet, because from what I have heard and seen that seemingly is the way of the majority on the left - tolerance for their own kind and contempt for all else.
Now, I will give Fonda this - he apologized. The thing is though, unless you are apologizing to a saint who can forgive all, you cannot apologize fast or well enough for statements like those. Once they are tweeted - and the target of them sees them - the damage already has been done. To all this I say - fuck Peter Fonda and the horse he rode in on - or better yet let the horse fuck him! Only kidding folks, I would never wish that on the horse. Then again, even I would not really wish that on someone like Peter Fonda merely for being an asshole on Twitter but I could understand how some might be mad enough to do so. As for what I, and you, can do in response to those tweets by Fonda: I will never knowingly watch a movie in which he appears, nor will I knowingly use products he endorses (at least not if there is a reasonable alternative). In my eyes he is a piece of dog excrement and that is on his best day and that is his own fault for the most part. Most assuredly, the mantra of the left - tolerance only for other leftists - has been embedded in his brain because of him willingly associating with others on the left. I guess though maybe it is not all his fault - being an asshole seems to me to run in his family so maybe it's unavoidably in his genes.
All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Another New Boomer - Browning BLR - Joins The Collection

As I've been saying in my most recent two previous posts, I picked up something really nice at the Hessney Auction Company rod & gun auction this past weekend. I guess it's about time to tell you about it and show it to you.

It's a Browning BLR Lightweight '81 in 30-06 caliber. I think it is among the nicest looking rifles that I own even though its beauty is in its simplicity. I used to own one of these in 358 Winchester caliber but sold it for the idiotic reason that I thought that the ammo for it was too expensive. Yeah, back in 2001, I thought that right around $1.50 per round (for the least expensive stuff at that time) was too expensive. Oddly, that ammo is somewhat less expensive now. While that was very expensive back then, it was no reason to sell that rifle as I know now but was too foolish to realize back them. Luckily though, I made a nice profit selling it so the feeling of seller's remorse was not too bad.

Who am I kidding - the seller's remorse never went away. I have kind of, sort of, more or less wanted another one ever since I sold that one and have been kicking myself in mine arse for all these years for having sold it. To make up for selling it, I decided I wanted the takedown model but wanted it in as good a deal in which I got the first one (although that low of a price on a BLR probably would never happens again - I was at the right place at the right time and offered an excellent price beyond belief on that first one). While I did not get this one at anywhere close to the great deal at which I got that first one - and while this one is not a takedown model - it was still an excellent buy. I got it for at least $125 less than any I have seen offered online and at about $225 less than I would have had to pay at my local dealer (and he is offering it at the lowest price anywhere near to me). This one, like those I looked at online dealers and that my local dealer offers, was new in the box with papers. Such a deal - don't be a schmuck - buy two (good advice and if they had had two, I might have taken them both at the price I paid).

Not only was it new and an excellent deal, but it's in a caliber that on average is a whole heck of a lot less expensive than 358 Winchester and in a caliber that I believe I would be able to use on any big game in North America including the big bears. In fact, someone agrees with me even if it would be the minimal caliber for the big bears (polar and brown bears). So, it certainly is more than enough for deer or black bear which are about the biggest critters I might ever shoot with it. Then again, a man can dream of hunting those big bears or elk and moose and having enough gun - if those dreams ever come true - can only be a good thing.

The specs on this BLR are: caliber 30-06 Springfield, button rifled 22" barrel, 1 in 10" twist rate, open iron adjustable rear sight, ramp front sight with gold bead, receiver made of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum alloy, receiver drilled and tapped for scope mounts, richly blued metal parts with gold plated trigger, folding hammer (I have no clue) with two positions of half and fully cocked, box magazine with 4 round capacity, back walnut stock with high gloss finish, straight grip stock (I would have preferred a pistol grip but what the heck), cut checkering on stock and foregrip, black polymer recoil pad, overall length 43 inches, weight 7.25 pounds, year of manufacture 2015, made in Japan. (When I was a young kid, made in Japan = crap. When I was a teenager into my young twenties, made in Japan was the pinnacle of electronics, cameras and some optics. Today, made in Japan seems to be the thing with Browning and it looks and feels like fine quality to me.)

You will note that it is a lever action but is not tube fed as it has a box magazine. That means that you can load any type of 30-06 ammo into this rifle including FMJ without the fear of the pointed end of the bullet setting off the primer of the round in front of it as can and has happened in tube fed lever guns. That is a very good thing; then again, I have tube fed lever guns in 35 Remington and 30-30 Winchester and have had no such problems because, in them, I use round nosed ammo or Hornady's Leverevolution plastic tipped ammo (and man that Hornady stuff is seemingly much more accurate than the rounded nose soft points) but I digress, so back to the Browning.

I am going to order a couple of different types of ammo for the Browning BLR, as soon as I can afford it, to see which it likes best. That may take awhile because of how much I spent at the auction this past weekend and because I owe a lot on my credit cards right now due to buying a new washing machine, new dishwasher and some silver bullion (along with our regular purchases) this past month. I must have been crazy to have bought this BLR with my finances as they are but I had a some cash squirreled away just for something like this BLR and I dug up the stash and paid with that (well, at least with a check that is backed by it). Oh well, it makes me happy to  finally have gotten another BLR at such a good price and in a caliber I can afford. Remember I said I had seller's remorse for the first one I owned but then sold - well it has almost been abated - almost but not quite.

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 18, 2018

A New Boomer - Mossberg 395SA - For My Collection

You had to know it was inevitable, that since I was at yet another Hessney Auction Company rod & gun auction this past weekend, I would wind up with at least one new gun. Truth be told, I brought home two boomers to add to my collection. One of them was a used Mossberg 395SA and while it is not new condition-wise, it is new to my collection.

The Mossberg 395SA is a bolt action 12 gauge shotgun chambered for 2 3/4 & 3 inch shells. The metal parts are mostly blued steel (except for bolt and trigger) and it has a wood stock with a rubber recoil pad. The barrel is 24 inches long. This gun was specifically made to be a slug gun (the S in the model number designating that). It is box magazine fed (I am guessing two or three rounds will fit in the mag) and came with one magazine. As far as I can tell, the trigger guard is plastic. It also has sling swivel studs installed and they look original.

I only took a quick passing glance at this one before bidding so was basically bidding blind. I rarely bid without first looking over a gun really well but for some reason had the urge to do so with this one. I was thinking of getting something for a project gun and figured why not this one if the price was right. Fact is though, when I saw it after having the high bid, I found out that the metal is just about pristine while the stock is only good to very good condition with several of little dings and surface scratches here and there but nothing bad - most do not even go below the finish. The only really negative thing, that I have found so far, is that it is missing the safety switch. Yet, the safety is still operable by way of a flat metal plate, still in place, that fits under the safety switch. Anyway, I will remedy the missing switch once I receive the OEM replacement safety switch I ordered from Numrich Gun Parts Corp..

I was lucky with this one, it could have been a real clunker but while it is not exactly a diamond in the ruff it sure seems it will be a nice shooter - well worth my pretty minimal bid. I looked it up in the Blue Book of Gun Values and the 395 models usually are valued at about $135 in this condition; however, this one would go for around $40 more due to the S designation for it having a slug barrel. In fact, the barrel is marked Slugster after the model number. Not a bad find nor a bad buy especially since now we are talking a value of over double what I paid for it and that includes cost of the replacement safety switch.

Once I receive and install the safety switch, I am going to bring it to the range and see how it shoots. Who knows, it may be a keeper and I may take it with me during the this year's deer season and leave my 870 at home for a change. Then again, when I hit the deer woods later this year, I may bring the other gun I bought at this weekend's auction. That other one definitely is a keeper and one I am none to sure I will bring out into the woods - it is just so damned purdy. Heck, I may not even fire it - then again - why wouldn't I as long as I am careful not to ding it. More on that one in a future post and all else I will say here & now bout it is that it is in 30-06 caliber.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Any Way You Cut It...

...these knives are made from nice looking steel. I got them both over the last week.  
Knifemaker and point of origination unknown.
The first, by an unknown maker, is made from Damascus steel. It has a nice look to it. I think it may be an early attempt by a new knifemaker and I say so because the blade is very thick, the handle very big around and it is one of the heaviest knives for it's size that I have ever hefted. It almost seems overdone in those regards like maybe what a new knife maker would do to assure his blade was going to last but then again it might just have been made for a guy with big hands. The guard and pommel appear to be brass but may be brass plated as some small amount of the shiny surface seems to have flaked. Don't get me wrong, it is not a bad knife, not by a long shot.

As to its origin, the only indication I saw of where it may have originated was the snap on the sheath. It is the likeness of the state seal of Oklahoma.

There is a tiny mark on the bottom of the rear edge of the blade but to me it looks like an imperfection rather than a maker's mark, then again, I don't know squat about knives.

I won that knife in a firearms raffle. It was a nice extra prize added as a karma bonus for the members of a certain firearms forum who bought tickets in the raffle. I was told the odds were in my favor, I think because I picked up seven tickets plus one for my son and my guess is that other members did not buy too many. So, even if I do not win a gun (like I did last year) or one of the many $500 gun store gift certificates, I won something very nice regardless.

Knifemaker Kevin Johnson.  Simple design but beautiful.
The second knife I got this past week  is a little something I picked up at the Hessney Auction Company's Rod & Gun auction yesterday. It is a very nice dagger made by Kevin Johnson of Kuzach Knives LLC. I got it for a very good price, or at least I think so, @ of a double nickel (courtesy plug for Jen). Considering that the rest of his knives, plain blades and stainless or Dmascus steel were going for anywhere from $75 to more than $100 - I think I did okay. It was one of the plainer looking of his blades that were offered but sometimes simplicity is a beautiful thing and I think this is a fine example of that being true.

Its double edged blade is made from .25" flat stock D2 tool steel and was hardened HRC 60. The handle is black micarta and said to be in coffin shape (how can you not love that for a dagger). The guard is made of aluminum. It is, for its size, one of the lightest blades I have ever hefted; yet it is a big knife with an overall length of 13" (how appropriate for a dagger with a coffin style handle) and a blade length of 8". The auction catalog said it was a toothpick style blade but that is a stretch from what little I know of toothpick style blades. Regardless, it sure is a nice knife and one that I may put to some use.

Coincidence or were the sheaths made by
the same knifemaker / sheath-maker.
There is one characteristic that possibly links these two knives. Like the snap on the sheath of the first kife, the one on the Kevin Johnson dagger also shows the state seal of Oklahoma. Now, it may be a stretch to say that means they were made by the same knifemaker (or sheath-maker) but I suppose it is a hint that such could be the case. Then again, the I another hint that at least the sheaths were made by the same person, the construction of each is very similar. Who knows - maybe coincidence but maybe made by the same set of hands.

I would not want to be on the receiving end of this one nor any of the others.
I own (or have owned) a few of Kevin's knives now, got them all at Hessney auctions. One was a fairly large Damascus steel Bowie knife with Buffalo bone handle. I gave that one to Brendan when I visited him in AR last year. You could probably hack down a tree with it if so inclined. I would hate to be on the receiving end if it was used in a fight.  
Recommended for filleting dragons or larger nasty beasts
and yes, of course: the snap is the seal of OK.
Another one that I gave to Brendan this year when I visited him was a hefty fillet knife. If thar be dragons, you could fillet one of them with that blade!
Beautiful blade and handle and yes all of those snaps bear the seal of OK.
 I have two others of his knives in addition to the one that I got yesterday. They are a trapper with 6" Damascus steel blade and Pakka wood handle.
The only one of my Kevin Johnson knives that has gotten any use to date.
The other is a DNZ B Series 8" (overall) skinner with 440C steel blade and walnut handle. That last one is another wonderful example of beauty being found in simplicity.
I think that is it for the Kevin Johnson knives that are in or have passed though my collection but I suppose there could be another one around here someplace. Certainly, even if that is all of them right now, there are more out there waiting to be added to my collection.
A thought just came to me, I should send Kevin Johnson a pic of the first blade up above and ask if it is one of his creations. Like I said, the snap on each sheath being the same may not be an indication that that knife and my new dagger were both made by the same knifemaker but at least it hints of such.
Later, I will tell you about the guns I got yesterday. One of them as pretty as a picture and I think in a caliber capable of taking every big game animal in North America and although it may b a little light for grizzly and polar bears it could get the job done.
All the best,Glenn B

Thursday, June 14, 2018

That Could Be Me

Just saying it could be me; of course, I'd never do that.
All the best,
Glenn B

Some Logic For A Change

All the best,

I Miss My Time In The Border Patrol

Nope, not Border Patrol Agents but the thrills were the same.
All the best,
Glenn B

Take Action - Support The RKBA

I just sent in several letters to my elected representatives in both the federal and state governments, in support of our right to keep and bear arms. I would hope you, like me, believe it is our most important right in as much as it allows for us to maintain and protect all the others. It also is a sort of assurance that the people of the United States of America can stand against the formation of an overreaching and tyrannical government should it ever come to such. So, I hope you will take the brief amount of time required to contact your representatives in support of our RKBA. Go to: Please note that you do not need to be an NRA member to use their site to take action to contact your representatives nor do you need to make a financial donation.
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, June 11, 2018

Before Opening His Mouth - Did He Stop To Think

This is my opinion about the foul mouthed anti-Trump rant, by an over the hill actor, that took place last night. Yes, I am referring to the rant by Robert De Niro.
Today, President Trump was in Singapore doing what no other U.S. President has ever done - preparing for a meeting with the leader of North Korea to try to make peace with North Korea and to try to denuclearize that rogue nation. Last night, a leftist, vile, foul, blabbermouth of a pompous ignoramus (my opinion of him) got up in front of his Hollyweird peers and reportedly threw his two fists in the air after screaming F---Trump. He evidently did so in his usual wanna be tough guy manner (yes he apparently likes to believe he is tough like his movie characters but I think he is really a wussy) seemingly to try to impress others of his own leftist political ilk.
President Trump has been trying to do something that would be of great importance and great benefit not only to the USA but to the world, and that foul mouthed actor figured he would try to do what - did he hope to upset the president, did he hope to throw him off his game while in negotiations with Kim Jong Un, did he hope that if President Trump fails he can then rant and rage even louder against our president (and yes no matter if you like him or don't like him he is our president). Or was it something else - was it just a crybaby spoiled POS of an actor trying to make himself look and feel big because President Trump intimidates him.
Did he think for a minute that the President of The United States of America might actually not need any added stress that his foul mouthed rant may have caused. Did he stop for a moment to think that should the President get distracted by that disgusting tirade he might be put off enough to cause him to fail at his current task and that the end result could be a nuclear war with millions dead??? Before he opened his vile besmirching piehole - DID HE THINK AT ALL of what might be the consequences of his seemingly maniacal monologue? Oh why do I even ask because it is obvious, to me, that if he did think all he thought of was satisfying his own feelings of hatred. In my estimation he is not even worthy of being called a has been actor - he is little more that a disgusting asshole.
Anyway, I thank him with all of my heart for having done so because I am sure that when it comes time to vote, Americans will not forget the extremist hateful assholes of the left like him and America will resoundingly vote right. Lest I forget, allow me to also thank all the arsehats in the audience who wildly applauded De Niro's vicious vitriol - they probably put the icing on the cake as far as the right winning the next election goes.
All the best,
Glenn B