Sunday, June 24, 2018

Damn, I Am Not Receiving Comment Notifications Again!

I went through the litany of things I tried last time this happened and hopefully I eliminated whatever again caused me not to receive notices that there were pending comments for my blog. I just went in and published several comments, I think dating back as far as May 23rd. Sorry for the delay folks and no I was not ignoring you (well at least not the folks who left half respectful comments).

Edited To Add: Seems to be working now.

All the best,
Glenn B


Anonymous said...

test 3

Anonymous said...


David said...

The fix is here:!topic/blogger/V611KU-BUOQ

It's all due to stupid GDPR regulations put forward by the EU.

Glenn B said...

I got it fixed, essentially in the same way they said to fix it, before reading the info at that link. Thanks anyway and I will post your comment so others can see the link if they are having the same issue.

All the best,