Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Jena 6, and Crys of racism...

...have gotten me to the point where I must ask something, but first let me make a few observations:

6 black youths allegedly beat a white youth.

The white youth allegedly is beaten unconscious, and from what I understand the beating allegedly continues, after the white youth is unconscious, with stomping on his head with, I believe, a shod foot, by at least one of the black youths if not more.

The white youth is hospitalized with badly bruised and swollen face. He remains unconscious for three hours or more. Yes unconscious due to the beating for over 3 hours!

That night, partially recovered, he attends some sort of festive affair.

The black youths are charged as adults with attempted murder or other crimes of violence.

One black youth was convicted, but charges were overturned by the state's highest court in his case because he was tried as an adult and was 16 (I believe) at the time of his arrest. (I firmly believe a kid is a kid and should never be tried as an adult, bit I do not agree that a child should only be forced to remain in jail until the young 20's, so I understand this decision, but now what?)

On CNN yesterday, two black commentators talk about this. One says, in essence, how can this be attempted murder if it was only a fight? He also says that how can a court in Louisiana charge them with attempted murder, when a court in Virginia (a completely different state with different state laws) did not charge a group of whites with attempted murder of a black woman when they allegedly poured boiling water on her. It was another state, after all, with different laws, but could he see that? He also says it was unfair for the 6 in Jena to be charged as adults, and to be charged with attempted murder, apparently because it was all based on white against black racism. The other commentator seemingly agrees. The one doing all the accusing of the BIG R as they called it (N word meet the BIG R) also asks, isn't there any outrage in the white community, isn't at least one white person outraged that this has happened.

I will answer his last question. There are at least 2 outraged whites, one being Hillary Clinton, but as I see it for all the wrong reasons. She is on the BIG R (racism by whites against blacks) as a seemingly politically rallying cry to get the black vote. As for the other person, he is not running, and is unlikely to ever run, for political office. Yes, I am that other person, and I am outraged but not for the same reasons as Hillary Rodham (middle initial BIG R) Clinton.

I am enraged because yesterday I heard that trash talk on CNN. I am enraged because today thousand marched to support the so called Jena 6, the alleged criminals who allegedly beat a white youth into unconsciousness then reportedly kept beating him. I am enraged because today, a secretary or aid in my office, a black woman, had a telephone conservation with someone, and she kept lowering her big mouthed voice (but not low enough not to be overheard) whenever she in essence said things like: 'It is about time THEY (yes the big T) started to get it back at them', 'They cannot bring us down with racism, THEY are racist, but We (the big W had to appear) are now united against them and have to get back at them", Those poor boys are innocent, and only charged because of white against black racism, and WE need to support them'. As she was near the end of her conversation, or at least just before she ended it maybe rather abruptly, I said in a loud and clear voice, 'It sounds like you are the real racist here' or something very like that. I guess he got the point, there was even lower muffled taking for a moment then a hang up. Nothing followed except the noise of the steam shooting out of my ears, and the curtain of blood rushing to obscure my sight (all figurative of course).

I also asked a question, clearly, and out loud, and proud just as the telephone conversation was seemingly ending: Do you think there was even a hint of racism in the fact that 6 blacks allegedly beat a white? Could that have been racist on the part of the blacks? Is there even one black person in America who thinks just that? Is there any black person who thinks these 6 so called black youths are evil mother fuckers who did harm to a white person because they are violent anti-white racists themselves? I sure think there is a darned rooting tootin good chance that such is exactly the case. So to all the charlatans like Al NotToSharpton, Sharpton, to and Jesse Jackassson Jackson, and to Hilary BIG R Rodham Clinton, and to the CNN mudslingers commentators who did not understand that attempted murder charges means just that they attempted murder, not that they were successful, or not that they were even good at trying to commit murder, and to all the race baiting ass wipes good intentioned but not to brainy people who marched in Jena thinking that racism is one sided only - do you guys even have the ability for once in your lifetimes to admit that racism works both ways. If not then remember this, it was the court of the same state who overturned the one black guy's conviction based upon a technicality, not upon the facts of the case as to whether or not he beat the whiter guy into unconsciousness for over 3 hours. Hmm, whom is that court racist against? I wonder if maybe that shows the state was not racist in this case! Was that racism, or was it just an injustice against a victim, the white guy, with no regard for the fact he was white and the alleged bad guys were black? By the way, to all of you black folks who are screaming racism, do you have even the least thought about the outcome for the beaten white youth, do you have sympathy for him at all, do you think that justice should be served and served harshly against anyone who is convicted of having beaten him into over a 3 hour period of unconsciousness, can even one among you realize that someone was brutalized, that someone did the brutalizing, that it was very possibly the 6 accused who did so? Can you, and if not, does that make you guilty of the BIG R (racism) yourselves?

So just what in Hades are you making complaints about? You all are only trying to stir the pot of racial unrest or so it seems to me, so long as only your own race is the victim (or so that it benefits you in some way like politically); and you seemingly are doing the only thing you know how to do - making trouble where there should be none, or at least you are only making trouble for the wrong people. The criminals are most likely the Jena 6 as I see it. They are probably, in my estimation, guilty of not only the BIG R, but of attempted murder, or at least attempted manslaughter, or at the very least of a brutal beating. Just because they did not do a good enough job of it to kill the white youth, does not mean they did not attempt to do so. They are charged with attempted murder, not with murder! Get with it, get with the facts, get with the truth of racism - anyone can exercise the BIG R, and in this case it is clear to me just who has done so. Yes at least one white person is outraged other than Hillary, and I am outraged that not all 6 of them are in jail for the next 25 years or so!

One last thing. What about those accused of killing the white couple several months ago, was that a racist act. They mutilated the white guy and killed him, and left his body lying about,. Then they tortured, brutally tortured the white woman, then had forced sex of all sorts with her, or so the allegations go. It is even alleged that they poured cleaning fluid down her throat as they raped her. Guess what, guess why you do not hear about it all over CNN, and on the television news and in the papers, and from Al Sharpton, and from Jesse Jackson, and from Hillary (Big R) Clinton - BECAUSE THE ALLEGED KILLERS WERE ALL BLACK, and these people whom I just mentioned by name will never call a black person a racist against whites. Why not, because racists usually cannot ever bad mouth there own, and political hacks like Hillary - would probably do anything for a vote.

Outraged, heck outraged is way to calm a word for what I am feeling, but I think you figured that out already. Racism is an ugly thing indeed, especially when the racists can not grasp the truth, not even for a moment, that they are being the perpetrators and are not the victims; and that racism works in all directions within all races, and even some of the members of the black race can be and are racists - especially in this particular case.

All the best,
Glenn B

Up and At Em...

...early in the morning is not my bag man! Yet I find myself up even before the crickets today, at least that is I don't hear them singing right now so either they are still asleep or it froze out last night. I don't think it got quite that cold yet, not here anyhow. It is going to be a long day at work if only because I am up this early to fulfill my duties as the alternate duty agent in my office today. Tomorrow I have the duty itself, but I only have to be in by 10Am for that. Man I hate being up this early with no chance of any further napping (YAWWWWWWWNNNNNNN). Oh well, off to the salt mines for me, and later for all of you.

All the best,
Glenn B