Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Elk With Attitude...

...I should be so lucky when hunting as to have a Whitetail Deer try do this to me. If my son sees this he may wish for the same.

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All the best,
Glenn B

Men - If You Don't Use Dental Floss - You May Start Real Soon

Guys, if you don't already use dental floss, it may be time to break it out and start using it. That is enough said, just read this and figure it out for yourselves:

Reminds me of a Frank Zapa tune, something to the effect of:

I'm moving to Montana soon,
I'm gonna be a dental floss tycoon...

Who knows, maybe I should move to Montana and take up that line of work, I could make a fortune if that feminine fashion fad catches on (or should that be 'catches in' as in your teeth)!

All the best,
Glenn B

Folks Camping Outside of Best Buy A Week Ahead of Black Friday?

I was just over at Wirecutter's blog and read this: To save a buck. Stupid fuckers. It is a post about idiots who are already camping outside of Best Buy stores, a week early, awaiting Black Friday sales.

Are they fucking nuts (see this). There is nothing that Worst Best Buy could offer me to cause me to wait on a long line, let alone camp out on line, to shop there - NOTHING! How the fuck anyone could wait on a line, let alone camp out on a line, to get into Best Buy is beyond me. That has got to be one of the worst stores in which I have ever shopped and I try to avoid it like the plague. About the only way I would shop there is if they were they last place in my area to have something I really needed. But to camp out on line for several days, just to get a few bucks off, that I probably could have gotten elsewhere at a place with much better customer service and return policies, no way. Any way, they can't be saving that much money on anything to make it worthwhile.

I have waited on lines too. Several hours for Rolling Stones tickets at Madison Square Garden and I was sixth on the line. Yet, I only got seats in about the third or fourth row. Guy right in front of me must have bought most of the seats in first and second rows. Another time, I waited in a long line for tickets to see Led Zeppelin at Madison Square Garden. The line was so unruly that several people, just a few feet in front of me, got pushed through a set of heavy plate glass doors and were badly cut up because the throng just kept shoving forward and there was no place to go except through the glass of those locked doors.  I waited many hours (most of a day) to get the tickets for that show and got really good seats. Then, for the same Led Zeppelin tour, I also waited most of two days, in the friggin' cold of February, on a loading ramp of Nassau Coliseum. I got great seats for that,10th row. Then, a couple of days before the concert, I went fishing with a buddy, on a jetty at Rockaway (yes we were snockered) and while we were on the jetty with waves crashing into us, I collapsed in agony. As I lay on the rocks, another wave hit me and my buddy actually caught me as I was about to go over the side of the jetty and into the drink.  My buddy thought my hitting the rocks had broken a few of my ribs but it wound up being appendicitis - great timing. They yanked it out of me the next day, only a day or two before the show when they kept you in hospital for most of a week for that operation. Luckily, at least, I heard it from my hospital bed; one of the NYC radio stations broadcast it live. 

After that, I have rarely waited on long, long, long lines - I figure if I do then something else might go ass up inside of me. FUCK LONG LINES.

Hat tip to Wirecutter for giving me inspiration to steal his idea and write this post.

All the best,
Glenn B