Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Were You Out Howling At The Moon Tonight...

...or maybe just enjoying a sight you will not see for another three years - the total eclipse of the moon. I got to watch in spurts and started watching when it was about 1/6 eclipsed. Then again when about 1/2 gone,, then when 3/4 gone, then when only a teensy-weensy spot was left, and again only 15 minutes ago when it was well on its way to once again basking inthe ray of Old Sol. I read on the news tonight, that this was the third total eclipse in the last year. Heck I remember one other, but not two others. All were supposedly visible from the USA, and if they truly are omens of evil, well maybe that accounts for: 1) the poor economy, 2) Obama and Hillary as choices on the left, and 3) no choice on the right. (Come on now, McCain is not on the right is he?)

Oh well, I wonder then what accounts for my recent money woes? I guess just piss poor planning on my part. I was never all that good with finances, so I suppose I cannot blame it on the lunar eclipses. LOL........

I just ran outside and took another look - just a small bite sized piece missing from that baby now. Almost all over for another 3 years. Hurry and get a look see. I am gong back outside to see it all reappear. Its magic like that that thrills me.

All the best,
Glenn B