Sunday, February 17, 2008

Today In History - The Man Who Said The Following Passed Away, Who Was He?

"Since my life as a prisoner has begun I have heard the teachings of the white man's religion, and in many respects believe it to be better than the religion of my fathers...Believing that in a wise way it is good to go to church, and that associating with Christians would improve my character, I have adopted the Christian religion. I believe that the church has helped me much during the short time I have been a member. I am not ashamed to be a Christian, and I am glad to know that the President of the United States is a Christian, for without the help of the Almighty I do not think he could rightly judge in ruling so many people. I have advised all of my people who are not Christians, to study that religion, because it seems to me the best religion in enabling one to live right." (from: Wikipedia)

Now I am not much of a Christian though I was baptized in the Catholic religion many years ago. Since my youth, the Church and I have had a parting of company, but not necessarily of our ways. While I believe many aspects of Christianity (or of most religions) to be little more than fantasy, I beleive that many morals taught by Christians to be of extreme value in living life to its fullest, and in that regard I have not and never will fully part from the Church. It is interesting how the person whose quote appears above turned to Christianity especially in light of the fact that he was about as far removed from Christian beliefs as could have been possible at the time. Then again I guess that all religions, or I should say almost all, teach a similar morality, and goodness of character to some extent.

Well anyway, morality is not the issue here, today in history is what I am writing about, and today - February 17 in 1909 - the man who said those words died in a very different situation from how one may have expected him to die. He passed on most certainly in a manner that did not give a hint as to how he had led a great part of his life. He died weak and old from disease, but had in his earlier lifetime been one of the most feared warriors in the world.

I wonder, without looking up that quote, do you know who said it? It is obvious from the quote that he was not a white, he was a leader of some sorts, that he had to do with American History; and from what I said you know he was a warrior too. Who was he? No cheating take your best shot at a guess, or give a definitive answer right out if you know. I'll chime in with the right answer tomorrow or the next day.

All the best,
Glenn B