Thursday, August 14, 2008

McCain Considering Tom Ridge For Running Mate

Here it is right off of the home page:

"McCain floats the prospect of choosing a running mate who supports abortion rights, saying former Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge is someone worth considering."

Please tell me he is only kidding. Tom Ridge is, in my opinion, a less than desirable candidate. Tom Ridge was an early appointee to be Secretary for Homeland Security. He, in my opinion, totally destroyed what was one of the best long term anti-money laundering investigations in world history by taking away from U.S. Customs Agents, soon to become ICE agents, virtually all authority to investigate any money laundering offense related to terrorism. U.S. Customs Special Agents had seized tens of millions of dollars from suspected and known terrorists supporters, and from terrorists themselves. Ridge took that authority away from these agents, gave it to the FBI, and the FBI in essence dropped the ball and the investigation. After that, the Customs Agents who were then assimilated in Immigration and Customs Enforcement under DHS were not even allowed to ever again use the name of the operation that they had made such a success. Ridge reportedly gave it all away by agreeing to and signing a memorandum of understanding with the FBI, an agreement mind you that took away an awful lot of authority from the newly formed DHS, specifically from ICE and gave it to the FBI. Can you imagine the DHS not being allowed to investigate terrorism unless they first checked in with the FBI to see if the FBI wanted dibs on the case. Why have a Department of Homeland Security in the first palce? As far as I could see from where I sat, the rest of his time in command of DHS wrought similar tragedies. This man did not even know how to run a department like DHS in a well oiled manner, now McCain is considering him for his VP running mate!

If it were not so sad when it comes to the possible running mates whom McCain is considering it would be laughable. Still though, I imagine this man would be a better choice than would be Lieberman, Then again but let's get serious, and hope that so too does McCain. If you don't start writing to the McCain campaign telling him to choose a better running mate than those he has been considering then we will get a much less than desirable man as VP if they win - and it will be your fault as much as McCain's. You can shape whom he picks, write to him, tell him to consider someone with a sterling reputation, and someone who knows how to get the job done the right way, someone who stands for Republican ethics and ideals. Don't you get it - you are the voters. You should be telling him what type of running mate to select, not him telling us. Let's hope McCain gets it before it is too late; and the only way he will get it is if you start hammering away at the keyboard and sending him emails and letters telling him to look 'right' for his running mate. Well that's my opinion anyhow. It is up to you as the voters to act.

All the best,