Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Smash Hit In England - Soon Coming To The USA

Watch and weep for the English - there truly is no England anymore. The truly scary thing is, that soon, it may well happen here in the USA.

Hat tip to Rich M and Pete Q for both sending me this one.

All the best,
Glenn B

Marijuana Mama or Innocent Angelic Mother of 7

So, a U.S. Citizen, mother of 7, got arrested on a bus in Mexico last week because the Mexican military found marijuana hidden under her bus seat. Now she is struggling for her freedom. The weed was reportedly well wrapped and attached to the seat bottom in a sophisticated manner - as per her Mexican attorney - thus indicating she would not have had a chance to do so when she got on the bus. She proclaims her innocence, her husband does likewise as does her family and friends. Who knows, she may well be innocent of the crime with which she is charged. Yet, one has to wonder. if she is innocent why try to bribe Mexican officials with $5,000. The officials did not accept it. She is still in jail. Her attorney claims that it was his idea for her or her family to offer the money. Why has he not been arrested, that is the attorney? Go figure but I digress. As for the arrested mom, suddenly we are barraged with lots of family photos of her looking like an angel. Sound familiar? It is the same ploy used by guilty parties - in cases of murders, rapes, robberies, burglaries, extortion, smuggling ventures and just about any other crime of which you can think - when the bad guy is trying to look like a good guy that could not have possibly done such a crime. Now I am not saying that tends to point to her guilt just that it is what is apparently happening right now. I guess that innocent people use the same tactic to make themselves look good to the courts.

In fact, I tend to think she is innocent based upon what her attorney has said about how the grass packets were attached to the seat bottom but of course that all depends upon whether or not that is true and we must remember this is apparently the same attorney who reportedly advised her or her family to try to bribe Mexican officials. Then again, one has to remember that if it was a chore to place it there like tat, it probably would also have been somewhat of a chore to remove it from the same spot. Someone was going to have to do it, so why not her. She is in a tough spot. If she is innocent, then I hope she gets off. If however the authorities find damning evidence against her, like her fingerprints on whatever was wrapped around the marijuana and she is convicted, then tough noogies for her. Personally I would like to see almost all narcotics legalized, all social services for junkies totally and absolutely ended, extremely stiff penalties for selling narcotics to minors or for someone who injures or kills someone under the influence, and a decent amount of tax charged for the narcotics when sold for recreational use. You may think that rather liberal of me but try to remember that the Harrison Act was indeed pushed into place by liberals - that was the act that essentially made narcotics illegal under federal law. I think the government should have virtually no say in it at all except to collect Customs duties on imported drugs and then for states to collect a moderate sales tax on them and enforce any laws as to people who are injured by others under the influence.

Of course I also think we should do away with welfare except for extreme cases of folks who cannot possibly work, exile welfare frauds to work camps for 5 years, implement work-fare, execute murderers, execute they who commit manslaughter and other crimes that caused the death of another person, execute three time convicted felons, execute pedophiles, life imprisonment for kidnapping, put rapists in jail for life, use DNA testing whenever possible, put lying politicians in jail for a minimum of 25 years hard labor (oh, did I forget to mention that all prisoners would be required to perform labor for the state), jail corrupt politicians and appointed officials and law enforcement officers for a minimum of 50 years, either execute or jail for life any law enforcement officer who is convicted of perjury in capital cases in which the falsely convicted was put to death (and harsh penalties for any form of perjury by LE or politicians or appointed officials in any type of case), make it illegal for convicted felons to hold public office, bar law enforcement from using any military style weapons, bar the military from operating on U.S. soil except in the case of an invasion or insurrection (sound familiar - well that one was just upended by Obama and his goons giving the military more power to take action on our own soil) and so on. The state needs to be controlled more so that the public from what I have seen in recent years, so we should also: require anyone running for public office to prove their citizenship and to present their lifetime's worth of tax and business records for public scrutiny. The state ought to be bringing in some money other than just spending ours thus we should repeal Obama Care, do away with the Departments of Education, Energy, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services and so on. We should also, by an act of Congress, do away with the Department of Homeland Security and reform U.S. Customs and the INS. In addition, we should: reinstitute Customs duties, abolish free trade, force government agencies to purchase only American made products within 3 years of implementation of said regulation, enforce strict border security and remove all illegal aliens from the USA, cut federal spending and force the government to have a totally balanced budget each year, allow for recalls of all elected officials, and on and on. I guess I should not forget to mention that the government should have zero power to enact or enforce gun control on U.S. Citizens or legal resident aliens. All the while, as this is being done, we should strictly adhere to the Constitution. Again though, I digress. Oh well, enough said anyway.

As for the mom in Mexico, she has some trials (not necessarily legal ones either) ahead of her under Mexican law.

All the best,
Glenn B
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