Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oil, Oil Everywhere...

...and it just keeps forcing out the hot air! That is one of the reasons you have not heard much from me on political matters. I mean, with an apparently inept, bumbling, buffoon with a mouth that just amazes me with the amount of balderdash it can spew forth (probably more than the equivalent of 60,000 barrels of oil a day) do I really need to help make the man look like an absolute fool. The scary thing though is that he is surrounded by other fools who are his supporters and they are royally screwing things up. Just keep it all in mind come this November and November 2012. Of couse, the preceding was all my personal opinion.

Now back to Caddy Shack and the Baby Ruth in the Swimming Pool Scene!

All the best,
Glenn B

Ballseye’s Gun Shots 66 - Natchez Shooters’ Supplies For Ammo

I have got to hand it to Natchez Shooters' Supplies, they are straight shooters and all round good guys in my book. When I ordered my Yugo 24/47 Mauser from Classic Arms a short while ago, I also ordered 100 rounds of ammo for it from Natchez Shooters' Supplies - or so I thought. What I really had ordered was 100 rounds of 8x57 JR ammo - a rimmed version of the 8mm Mauser cartridge and not one that would fit into my new rifle. Shame on me for not paying attention when I ordered.

I was not all that concerned, I figured I would just return the ammo for an exchange. After all the paperwork included with the ammo included a return form. Then I read the fine print - ammunition could not be returned. Looked as if I was about to be out just over a hundred bucks. I called Natchez, explained that I had been a dunderhead, and asked politely if I could return it for an exchange. The nice man on the other end of the phone said send it back and it would be taken care of and an exchange made for the right stuff - the 8mm Mauser JS.

I sent it back to them, on my own dime via UPS, I mean it was my mistake so that was to be expected. i guess that was about last Friday. I received the replacement ammunition today. It cost a bit more and that was expected and of course I also got charged for shipping the new ammo to me (wow the money I waste because of bonehead mistakes) but all in all the additional $22 bucks or so I paid on shipping (on my return to them and what was charged for them to send me the new stuff) was not anywhere near as bad as it would have been had they refused to exchange it. It basically cost me one box of ammo plus tax but again that was due to me messing up and ordering the wrong stuff the first time around. So again, let me just say the folks at Natchez are just fine in my estimation.

Before I close let me point out I was lucky in another way. I realized, right away, when I looked at the first shipment of ammo I received, that it was a rimmed cartridge and not the right stuff for my Mauser. Had it been rimless and still not the right size, well - I may not have realized my mistake and tried to load the rifle with it; heck if I had not noticed it was rimless I may have tried to load the rifle with it. Either way, it may have fit - or seemed to - and may have fired too. It may also have blown up the barrel in my face. Folks, one of he cardinal rules of firearms' safety is: "Make sure to use the correct ammo for the correct firearms." If you don't, then you are courting disaster. A little checking to make sure you are ordering the right stuff goes a long way to make sure your day of shooting is full of fun instead of a ruined gun and maybe a trip to the emergency room.

All the best,
Glenn B
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