Saturday, September 10, 2011

Noticed A Few Bloggers Had Their Blogiversaries Lately...

...such as Eric at Straight White Guy, and Jennifer at In Jennifer's Head among others. Then when I recently checked my Site Meter stats, I noticed my blogiversary passed me by unnoticed, by even me, on August 20th. I have been blogging for just over 5 years now. Not that such is worth anything, just that it amazed me I have stuck with it for so long and even more amazing to me is that people actually read this stuff. Thank you all.

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Johnny Optimism May Be For You...

...that is, if you enjoy an extraordinarily twisted sense of funny bones humor. Johnny Optimism, as I see it, is sort of gallows' humor that plays on the ill, handicapped, medical professionals, children, life, death and so on. Funny as hell (and yes, if I ever find myself there I do hope to see the humor in the situation). I was treated to a link to the Johnny Optimism site thanks to wireutter over at Knukledraggin my life away, in his post: Say Hi To Granny For Me (the title of which, when you think of it or at least when I think of it, is biting wit itself.

Now, many would probably not consider Johnny Optimism to be a blog but more of a sick yet humongously amusingly humorous site but the way I see it it is a bona fide blog with a new idea expressed in each and everyone of those cartoon strips. Great stuff, I am still laughing over these three in particular:

Stuff like this may have me laughing my way through radiation and chemo therapy.

Oh, did I forget to mention, Johnny Optimism is now part of my blog roll, under Other Bloggers of Note. Great stuff indeed.

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Glenn B

Blog Roll Expansion

Another blog has been added to the blog roll: Home Place - Art's Stuff. Get a load of his profile pic, gotta love it!

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