Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Heart Warming Story Of An Armed Mother's Love

 This past Friday, a Virginia mother, protecting herself and her two daughters, fired two shots at a New Zealand man who had thrown a landscaping stone through their front door. He allegedly had traveled from New Zealand to Australia to Los Angeles to Washington, DC by air - then taken a bus to Richmond and allegedly claimed he had hitchhiked 30 miles to get to their house. Why? Apparently because he wanted to see the woman's 14 year old daughter. The man had been in contact with the daughter on the Internet for an extended period but the contact had been broken off previously and he reportedly had been told the girl no longer wished to communicate with him. (More at the source.)

Well, maybe he wanted to do a bit more than see her. It was reported that when police arrived they found he was in possession of a knife, duct tape and pepper spray - all purchased once he was in the USA. What on earth do you think he might have done with that had the mother not armed herself and shot him after he threw that landscaping stone though their front door essentially destroying the mostly glass door.

The man has reportedly not yet been charged but my guess is that once he is out of the hospital he will be brought to justice. Oh, did I forget to mention - mama shot him in the neck. Maybe, if the bullet(s) or bone fragments hit the spinal cord, he will wind up paralyzed and never again able to commit such an alleged act.

It truly warms the cockles of my heart to read stories like this.

All the best,
Glenn B

We Need To Purge This Country Of Sick Violent Animals...

...like the five alleged gang members who killed a 15 year old boy, an NYPD Police Explorer, this past Friday in the Bronx, NY in an apparent case of mistaken identity. I don't care how we get rid of them but get rid of them is what we need to do and in doing so we need to assure it is a permanent solution so that they will never return to be free to do something like this again.

The filth to which I am referring reportedly relentlessly and repeatedly stabbed and hacked to death the boy (there is a video of the attack embedded below under the page break). It has been reported that they are members of the Trinitarios.  Supposedly, gang members offered an apology to the boy's mother by saying it was a case of mistaken identity (source) - yet someone claiming to be one of the killers boasted about it on Instagram (source)! Imagine their unmitigated vile and sickening gall to brag about killing anyone let alone it having been the wrong person. They are the scum of the scum of the earth - in my opinion - they do not deserve to live.

Are you a bleeding heart, are you a leftist or liberal or a religious on the right who believes they deserve another chance and that they only killed the boy the way they did because they have been oppressed all of their lives and you want to offer every excuse for them! If so, watch the embedded video, if you do not change your mind after that to believing they are nothing more than sick savages and brutal animals - you are part of the problem.

Note, the video shows an actual extremely brutal and gruesome killing - it is not for the squeamish. Thus it is under the cover of a page break, click below to be able to watch it. My guess is it will be removed soon, either from my blog by Blogger or from the Internet by the news organization that posted it. I am very surprised they actually posted it for public review, it is that horrible; yet, they did post it. So, if you really want to watch it, do so while still available. I am sharing it only so that it may help make people wake up to what our country has become - a haven for violent thugs, gang members and other criminals - and hopefully take action to change things.