Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I Had Hoped For A Miracle... the form of a 20 point defeat for Clinton in PA, if only because I figured that even she would then have to bow out of the race for the democratic nomination. It would have been nice to have it over with, but alas it looks as if we all have to be subjected to this circus through the beginning of June. I may just have to not watch the news any longer because I don't know if I can take much more of the double talk, lying, waffling and all the other BS that goes along with it with these demoncrats. Sure, I know, the repukeicans and RINOs are not much better, but yes they are better. I would never have believed I would have seen the day when Barack Obama came out in favor of gun rights (how hypocritical of him) and then blame Hillary Clinton for lying when she changed her stance on gun control and suddenly seemed in favor of hunters with guns! They played PA like the people living there were fools, because even the hunters in PA know that gun rights are not just for hunters, and that in fact the rights to keep and bear arms covers a much broader spectrum to include self defense, and overthrow of tyrannies. Funny though how each of them has been pretty silent on the Immigration issue. As a matter of fact, besides mud slinging, they seem to be pretty quiet on most of the important issues lately almost as if all they could resort to was name calling. Could you imagine either one as president and having to face down a nation like Iran, let alone one like China in some world crisis. My bet is that once the name calling failed, they would beg for help from mommy.

I have to wonder, have I just opened myself up for another comment about how Obama is part of Generation Jones? How funny but sad that they who support him resort to that trash.

All the best,
Glenn B