Sunday, January 27, 2008

3:10 To Yuma - A Very Disappointing Movie


Last night my son rented 3:10 To Yuma. It was a movie I had recommended that he watch. A movie as I remembered that was about good versus bad, morality versus immorality, doing right versus doing wrong; and the guy who winds up being the good guy was indifferent at first, but really figuratively got on the white horse after all. Am I that forgetful that such is how I recall the original from way back when, even when in that original the bad guy helps the good guy out of the mess and into the train. The thing is in this new version, the good guy is made to look morally inferior not to the bad guy, but to his own set of morality. Then he is gunned down in front of his son. Then the bad guy is made to look moral, in a perverse twisted sort of a way, by shooting his own gang, then putting himself behind bars on the train. Finally to add insult to injury as if something out of Roy Rogers he whistles for his faithful horse to follow as he is off to the territorial prison at Yuma. Please tell that was as screwed up as I saw it to be, let me know there is some decency left, if not in Hollywood, then in the hearts, minds, and souls of we who get duped into watching crap like that.

Yeah it could have been a great movie, if only the idiot who took the liberty with the movie had not taken liberties with the roots of morality by illustrating good and evil partnered up in one of the most depraved mergers of the two that I have ever witnessed. What a shame that people see it that way today.

Maybe I am too old fashioned, maybe too much of a dreamer; hell no - I know there is real good out there, and real evil too - and this movie was an absolute pervsion of the whole concept of either. Truly a disappointment in that regard, otherwise a good action, albeit very violent, movie.

All the best,
Glenn B

Let's See - my checklist:

I've got my:

heavy clothing
metal detector
directions for the M/D
carry bag
screen sifter
small shovel (garden variety, one hand, small size)
larger shovel (army type, folding)
gas in the car
cell phone (in case I strike it rich and need to called for armed backup)

Heck, except for some presents I'll be picking up for my mom along the way - that should just about do me fine.

I'm off............
Glenn B

All that did not matter one bit, it was too dark by the time I got to the beach! Oh well, next weekend.

Adventure... a worthy cause for its own sake, and one heck of a good way to spend at least part of the day. I do it at my job now and then, and though it has been over 28 years a career now, going out after bad guys is still an adventure each and every time. Today's journey though will included with it an adventure of a different nature. Today I go to visit my mom in a rehab center, Its about a 70 -80 mile drive, so I have only gotten there on the weekends, which was last weekend, the weekend before I was ill and could not make it to see her in a hospital out that way. Well I'll be seeing her today and that in and of itself is always an adventure. Sometime it can be one much like two cavaliers drawing swords and going at it for a half hour or so, at other times more like to armies facing each other off with machine guns, and yet at others more like a sailboat adrift on calm seas meeting a beautiful rose colored sunset. Yeah sometimes we rub each other the wrong way, but hopefully not today. It will be an adventure just finding out.

After the visit, I be taking my amply butt down to the beach for a nice long walk. "What beach?" you ask. Does not matter to me, I'll pick one as I go along, that will be part of the other adventure which I will enjoy today. Probably one with few if any people on it, though in the summertime that would be another story. Yet I will admit, some of the beaches around here, while not full of sun worshippers in January, do get their fair share of strollers who love the smell of salt in the air, the crashing of the waves on the shore, and the squealing of the gulls in flight. While I find some pleasure in those things, my goal today is too look at the beach in another way, as a treasure trove of: gold doubloons, necklaces torn loose by a wave, gold and silver rings all slipped from a finger, coins of the realm (whether this one or from a hundred years gone by); and all these things finally washed ashore after thousand upon thousands of waves have swept them hither and tither, and finally to within my grasp unseen neath the sands.

You got it folks, the metal detector arrived on Friday, and after I visit my mom today for a few hours, I will be out and about testing it out. If I come up with anything other than old fashioned soda/beer can pull tabs, rusty nails, and bottle caps, well then I'll share the view of my booty right here on this blog. (Yes, of course I mean booty in the pirate sense, and not the rapper sense, though I will agree I understand how both can be deemed treasure.)

Well, enough ranting from me. Time is wasting and I need to get myself cleaned up and on the road. Of course, I guess I should dress up warmly too since it is about 32 degrees Fahrenheit out there today, and with the wind they say it feels like 22 degrees. I am guessing it will feel all the much colder at the beach. Boot too, I think I should wear. Since I have about an hour and a half to a two hour ride ahead of me, depending on traffic, let me finish by saying "Later for all of you".

Have a good day,
Glenn B

New Haven, CT Aldermen - 25 of You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves

Let's Help Then Stay illegally... and then try to make the federal agency responsible for enforcement of Immigration laws look like they have done something bad when they enforce the law of the land, (Why did you do cast blame on immigration and Customs Enforcement - was it to cover up your own shameful act?) Are you saying, 'let's disrespect the memory of someone like hero Senior Border Patrol Agent Luis Aguilar Jr., who is less than a week deceased because of doing his job and trying to capture suspected illegal aliens and drug smugglers, by not honoring his memory, but instead calling federal agents vindictive when they do their jobs and arrest illegal aliens in New Haven, CT'? It suurely seems that is what you are trying to say.

I say that instead of helping illegals, you should be praising Aguilar as his fellow border patrol agents for trying to keep our nation free of illegal aliens, many of whose first act on our soil is a crime. I say this not as an ICE Agent, but as my personal opinion as a citizen of the United States of America.

To the people of New Haven, CT who support giving identity cards to illegal aliens to help facilitate their stay within the United States of America, and especially to the New Haven board of aldermen, the 25 of you who voted 25 - 1 in favor of this - I say, as part of my personal opinion:


To the one person who voted against it, you are a good man or woman. As for the vote of the others, this vote is, in my opinion, abject disrespect for the laws of our great nation, and for legal immigrants and U.S. Citizens. It makes me think the time is nearing for some sort of a revolt. 'We The People' really need to wake up, because the term 'We The People' was never meant to include invaders, or those who collaborate with them; and that is exactly how I perceive illegal aliens - as invaders, and those who help them as collaborators. My prediction, as seen in my post immediately previous to this one can be seen as already unfolding in stories like this one. If you do not know what I am writing about, see:,4670,ImmigrantsIDCards,00.html

With Hope Yet,
for a better America,
Glenn B