Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Funny Thing About Coincidence... happens right when you least expect it. Today, I found out that a blogger whom I link to and whose blog I have enjoyed for years, has cancer. I was shocked and saddened and very surprised I had not realized such sooner since I do read his blog but somehow missed it.

Then, maybe an hour, or two later at the most, I found out that my father is dying of cancer and needs to go into a hospice. Again I was not keeping in touch as maybe I should have but then again he and I have not kept in touch. It has been a very cold relationship - really no realtionship at all for years now - that I will not go into further.

It just amazes me how coincidence works, that I would learn, in one day, of two people I know having cancer. It is often said that bad news, or bad things, come in threes. I certainly hope not.

All the best,
Glenn B

Soldiers' Holiday Care Package Donations

Well, it is one day before Thanksgiving and not one red cent has been donated to my drive for the Soldiers' Holiday care packages for my assigned solider from Soldiers' Angels this year. To say the least, I am amazed and puzzled. Over the past 2, or is it 3, years you all have been very generous. I can say that without a doubt the soldiers have appreciated that very much. Maybe I just have not publisized it enough - so I have moved the link for donations to the top right side of my blog page. It is now much harder to miss.

Time is running short for me to be able to go out shopping and to get the packages sent out in time for the holidays. It would really help to raise the spirits of our young men and women on foreign soil, who are protecting our freedom, if we could get together to send them some special and extra nice gifts for Christmas and Chanukah as we have done in the past. I do not care how much you donate, even a dollar would help.

All donations (after PayPal takes it cut) go toward the purchase of items that go into the packages. I pay all shipping costs out of my own pocket and I donate at least $25 for the purchase of items per package we send.

I also want to take the opportunity here to thank Al S. and Jim McK. from my job for their donations, for my current soldier, that went to the package I sent out prior to the Holiday Care Packages.

All the best,
Glenn B

Right Wing Prof. - Keep Him In Your Prayers

Right Wing Prof. of Right Wing Nation and of Central Pennsylvania Orthodox is ill, very ill. He has cancer, and it does not sound good, in fact it sounds dismal - yet somehow he sounds strong. I have enjoyed his writing for a few years now but apparently had not been keeping up with my blog reading because I was absolutely shocked to find out about his health problems. I remember reading in October that he had fallen and fractured his spine and wound up in the hospital; then the next thing I realized was that he had been diagnosed with lung cancer of a type that metathesizes in the bones.

Heck, I just realized, I do not even know the man's name. Yet, there are tears in my eyes just from knowing him through his blog - Right Wing Nation.

Please, keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

All the best,
Glenn B
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