Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Sized Gun Auction - This Saturday In Geneva, NY

There will be a good sized firearms auction up in Geneva, NY this weekend. The auction includes numerous shotguns, rifles and handguns. They will also be auctioning off hunting and fishing gear. I think I will be there. If I buy anything, I'll have to reach into the retirement savings so, I would have to be a very prudent bidder and only buy if it is something that would be an excellent investment for my family's future.

All the best,
Glenn B

Test Your Political Knowledge

I found the below link to a political knowledge test over at Wirecutter's site. The test is about your knowledge of U.S. politics. There are only 13 questions and it is an easy test. I scored 100% correct but as I said it is an easy one. Then again, you may be surprised at how many got absolutely none correct, when the test was given by way of a national telephone survey. I was certainly shocked. It is also amazing at how many scored less than 5 correct, approximately 25% of the test takers who took the phone survey. Yet, I kid you not, it is a very easy test or at least it should be easy.

Go to this link to take it and then to see the stats for it:

Once you have taken it, come back and leave a comment telling how good you did on it. My bet would be that the great majority of my readers, who are here in the USA, will do well on it.

I also have a question of my own, not one from the test: Can you guess a possible reason that there were only 13 questions asked bearing in mind that this is a test about U.S. politics?

All the best,
Glenn B

Tyranny - Nothing More and Nothing Less

Where does it come from? From the Obama administration and from one of the most useless agencies of all time, the EPA.


Why this has only been reported on now in 2012 when it happened in 2010, maybe because of the upcoming election and maybe because the video was just made public. Whatever, the reason for the timing, it does not lessen the fact that what was described, in essence as being the policy that the EPA should follow as to enforcement of EPA regulations, is nothing less than Tyranny! No mention of due process, no mention of having a  mere suspicion that a regulation has been violated,  no mention or indication that the Constitution will followed, only the threat that the EPA enforcement division will "crucify", at random, companies or individuals as alleged violators all to set an example to others! The man who said this, in my opinion, needs to be investigated, brought up on charges, jailed and fired.

I have never heard a more nefarious violation of government ethics, proclaiming the use of tyranny, by a self righteous and obviously pompous U.S. arsehat bureaucrat in my lifetime.

All the best,
Glenn B
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