Sunday, June 13, 2010

Today In History - 69 Years of Hiccupping Begins

On June 13, 1922, a fellow named Charlie Osborne statred to hiccup after he fell down while he had been lifting a hog to weigh it. He hiccupped continuously (except I think while sleeping) for the next 69 years - yep 69 YEARS, 1922 through 1991! He supposedly hiccupped up to 40 times per minute in the beginning, then down to 20 times per minute later on. During that 69 year stint of hiccups he married (reportedly twice) and had 8 children despite hiccupping an estimated 430 million times! He died within a year of cessation of his the hiccups, the cause of his death was complications due to ulcers. One has to wonder, were the two conditions related. One thing I do not have to wonder about is that no one has tried, in earnest, to beat his record.,,20081781,00.html

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Ballseye’s Gun Shots 64 - Gun Show White Plains, NY

While this may continue some of the pain I just wrote about, that relative to money being wrenched out of my hands, there is a good chance I will be at this gun show, on June 19, with a decent sized wad of cash (whom am I trying to kid, it probably will be paid for with plastic if I buy anything). There has not been a gun show at the Westchester County Center in White Plains in many a year now, so I am looking forward to attending this one. For more info about it go here and here. For a $1 off coupon, go here.

If you are a New York State resident, who supports the RKBA, you ought to seriously think about attending this show. The more gun shows we have in New York, the more we get our point across, to those who may not be into guns but who are not anti-gun, that we are the good guys. That is as long as the gun show goes off like others in the state - without any major problems. So please, if you are a legal gun owner in NY and can go to this show - GO! If you go, please don't be a jerk but do try to politely and responsibly promote the RKBA. Think of it, a show in White Plains after years of its absence. We must be gaining ground in NY to have this venue back for a show, let's try to make it last. Next thing you know we will have the show at Yonkers' Raceway back too.

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Glenn B