Friday, March 30, 2018

Cute Little Snapper Had Nice Tight Tail... how could I pass up not grabbing her by it! More behind the cover.

Stay Alert At The ATM...

...because terrible things can happen if you do not. One of the things about an ATM, that we all need to bear in mind, is that when using them our backs are turned to the rest of the world. In one recent case, a man using an ATM - and evidently paying attention only to it - became the victim of violent and fatal robbery (more info at the source). Don't let it happen to you - stay alert, turn around once or twice and check your surroundings, it could at least let you know danger might be approaching and give you a chance to flee or prepare to defend yourself.

All the best,
Glenn B


Tuesday, March 27, 2018

I Went To Pigeon Roost Range Yesterday...

...first of all to locate it and secondly to see if it was worth going there for a day with Brendan before I leave AR. We shot at Bear Mountain Range on Sunday but that place was a pig sty of old targets, shell casings, ammo boxes and other debris. AS guy shooting there, Drew XXX told us about Pigeon Roost Range saying it was a nicer range. I decided to wait until today, when I figured I would be calmer than I was yesterday, to write this - why will become evident shortly.

When I got to the area where Pigeon Roost Range was located, I drove around for about 15 minutes trying to find it. Google Maps had it on the map but not in the right place. It kept telling me it was just where a small forest road, probably an old logging road, met Pigeon Roost Road but I sure did not see any sign of it there. I was going to drive up that little logging road but thought better of it with the Corolla and decided to park the car and walk up the road. I walked for about half a mile and found nothing but more road ahead so I headed back to the car.

I found some interesting animal remains just off the logging road that I had missed on the way up. At first I thought it was the bones of a long dead bear but later came to realize it was probably the remains of a wolf. That was after Brendan saw them and said it was the skull of a dog of some sort. Only if it was a Great Dane would it have a skull that big and I figure there were not many of them running around in the woods. Not many wolves either according to the Arkansas Fish & Game Commission but there are what they call wolf/dog crosses. My guess is still that it's a wolf after having viewed the images of quite a few wolf skulls online and comparing them to the one I came across.

The skull was pretty much intact and there was one lower jaw from it there next to it on the ground. I could not find the other. The bones were strewn about in maybe a 15 to 20 foot wide area. There were a bunch of other bones too. Some obviously from a pelvis, others were leg bones, and there were quite a few vertebrae. I was none too sure that they were all from the same animal and the reason for that was because there were at least two hooves in the mix, they were right near the pelvic bones. I was thinking that maybe the wolf or wolf-dog had eaten a hooved critter shortly before its death and still had the undigested hooves within its gut when it died. They were not deer hooves but the type that would maybe come from a pony and there were many ponies on the surrounding properties in the area. It will forever be a mystery I suppose but that's my best guess. Anyway, I digress so let me get back to the range.

I found Pigeon Roost Range, maybe a half mile or less from the spot where the logging road intersected with Pigeon Roost Road; it was actually on Forest Service Road 27A, that forks off of Pigeon Roost. I parked in the parking area that had to be big enough for at least 8-10 or more vehicles and headed to the range on the concrete walkway from the lot. That was already an improvement from Bear Mountain Range. A short walk brought me to the firing line of the range which was protected under roofed structure open on all sides. There were six points, each with a bench, all atop a concrete slab under the roof. The range itself looked to be 100 yards or so and had a concrete walkway from the firing line all the way to the 100 yard line along the left side of the range. At about 25 and 50 yards there was a walkway at each that went across the range from side to side and where target stands once were position but evidently have long since been missing with only rusted stubs remaining.

I walked out to the 100 yard line and noted a lot of trash all over the range despite there being a trash bin behind the overhang at the firing line. The trash bins being full of trash might have had something to do with the range being strewn with a lot more of it but I think it was just due to slob shooters. There was a pile of trash next to the bins at least indicating that some shooters felt obliged to clean the range if not carry away their trash with them when they left it. While I was at the 100 yard line, I heard a vehicle pull into the range parking lot. As I walked back to the firing line, a young man stepped up to the first or second point, puts his rifle case on it, pulls out an AR15 or similar rifle, loads a standard magazine into it (20 or 30 round) and proceeds to point the rifle downrange with me walking back toward him. There was no mistake he saw my car and no mistake he had seen me because he nodded when I said hello and waived to be sure he knew I was there. I was at about 15 or 20 yard line when he pointed the rifle in my general direction, at least his finger was off of the trigger, and I wondered if he was a nut or just an asshole. I was ready to run for cover and to draw my pistol and start shooting should he even twitch his finger and I mean that quite seriously.

I spoke up and politely said: "Excuse me, please do not handle a firearm on the line when you know I'm downrange - it's not safe". To that, he replied: "Who the fuck are you". He said it in a bitterly angry voice as he turned toward me scowling with his rifle in his hands. I almost drew my pistol to defend myself but gave it another verbal try at getting him to put it down or at least point it in another direction. I said: "I have been a firearms instructor for 16 years (it is actually longer) and can say without a doubt that what you are doing is dangerous". My right hand was strategically placed and had a good grip but I am fairly certain he did not notice that because he kept looking at me in the eye and he replied: "Go Fuck yourself..." and muttered something else unintelligible.

I said one last thing: "I am also the guy who is downrange of an asshole who is pointing his rifle my way from the line and for that you could be arrested". At that point his demeanor changed and he turned his rifle 45 degrees toward his right instead of how he had been holding it a bit canted toward his left where I was walking. I got out of there quickly - my right hand still placed on my Glock 26's grip. I was quite happy it had not escalated but I did not take my hand off of the pistol grip until I was in my car. As I departed I took a picture of his vehicle and license plate just in case he got into it with someone else and maybe shot them or even shot himself - he was that much of an arsehat.

Looking back, maybe I could have handled it differently and maybe not but there was no way I was not going to say something to him. I had only wanted him to put it down while I was downrange or at least point it elsewhere so that I would be safe and I was quite polite since he had been holding an AR. Based on his attitude though, my guess is that no matter what was said he would have gotten angry. I got the impression he was an angry young man, quite immature, undisciplined with firearms, and a fool who had to have it his way. I wonder if my telling him I had been an instructor for many years, coupled with the implied threat of arrest, may have had him think I was active law enforcement. Whatever - that seemed to do the trick at last. In all it took maybe half a minute from when I saw him pointing it downrange and angled a bit toward me until he pointed it the other way. It was one hell of a long 30 seconds.

I told Brendan about what had happened an warned him never to go to any of these Forest Service ranges on his own. I had a bad experience at one last year with three assholes who were repeatedly covering me and themselves with loaded weapons, had to deal with an arsehat this past Sunday at Bear Mountain Range who covered us at least twice and maybe three times while loading his handgun behind the line and then this incident yesterday. I am now wondering if maybe we need some form of nationwide mandated firearms training in as much as anyone wanting to shoot should be required to take and pass a basic firearms course before heading to the range.

All the best,
Glenn B

"...but I mean facts are facts - so..."

Yes sir, facts are facts. On the other hand: Emotionally fired blithering idiots spewing balderdash, like the gun control crowd, are just that - blithering idiots spewing balderdash but even they can be awakened by the facts!

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, March 26, 2018

The Proof Is In The Needlework

All the best,
Glenn B

Those Damnable Docks!

All the best,

Ammo Deal Alert - Winchester 9mm NATO, 124 Grain FMJ

Bass Pro Shops has an excellent in store deal (at least in their Little Rock, AR store) on Winchester 9mm NATO, 124 grain, FMJ ammo at $10 per box.

Of course, you need to add tax which in the case of their Little Rock store is a whopping 9%! Regardless of the tax, I bought 18 boxes today. It would have ben an even 20 except for the fact I had bought three boxes of it there last week and knew I still had two on hand.

All in all - that is an excellent deal even compared to online pricing in light of my needs. I wanted to buy 500 rounds for my son and 500 for me. Had I bought it online at the least expensive price I could find - with shipping calculated in there, it would have cost a total of $110 to ship 500 rounds to me in NY and another $111 to ship another 500 to my son in AR for a total of $221. The total I spent on a thousand rounds at Bass Pro Shops, in the Little Rock store was $218.

"Such a deal, don't be a schmuck, by another case" is what a little đŸ˜ˆ voice inside my head keeps urging me to do. The thing is, if they were selling it in cases I might do it especially if I had some spare cash, which I do not. As it is, they do not have it in the cases and I do not need another 20 loose boxes of ammo rattling around in my trunk when I drive back to NY so even if I had the cash to spare, what I have now has to be enough.

All the best,
Glenn B

Bozo Gone!!!

I have not been keeping up much with the news lately and how could you blame me since I am on vacation but I have been checking a bit now and then. Today's quick review of recent events in the news brought some sadness into my day; I just found out today about the passing of one of my childhood favorites - Bozo The Clown (aka: Frank Avruch). More at the source.

He was one of the top entertainers of children (and probably of many parents too) during my formative childhood years (yes I am as old as the dinosaurs but not yet quite as old as the hills). Bozo The Clown was a staple, a must watch and just downright wholesomely funny. I have never heard a peep alleging that Mr. Avruch molested children nor that he was a weirdo or criminal of any sort nor do I recall him spewing forth apolitical agenda of one extreme or the other (just try to even imagine any of that with a star today, especially one who entertains children). Even though he (Like many other things) became a part of my childhood lost to me long ago, how can he be forgotten - he will be missed.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Fishing Pier

Brendan and I went shooting yesterday, at Bear Mountain Range - a public range on federal land. He shot his new Yugo SKS, his Beretta M9A3, his Glock 43 and most of the guns I brought along. Mine were the Ruger Redhawk, Glock 30 and a S&W revolver. or some reason, y little gray cells never thought of taking the Colt Detective Special out of my pocket for him to enjoy as well and the Glock 26 never left my hip. Regardless of not shooting those two, we had lots of fun.

After that, we headed to a fishing pier, on the way home, that was located on Remmel Dam Road. We fished for about an hour but had absolutely no luck catching anything (what else is not new). The pier was located in a cove in nice little park that is not on Google Maps. Nice pier on a beautiful cove of 
the Ouachita River. I am guessing there must be fish in it but it will be up to us to discover that some other day. Being I have one week here, and as luck would have it Brendan started a new job just before I arrived, it will have to be this coming weekend or not until next time I get down to AR.

Anyway, at least I remembered to get in another kind of shot while at the pier. I do not like selfies, they are not flattering with me looking about 10 years older than my actual age but since Brendan is in this one too - how can I not share it. Him being in the shot makes it worth it. Got some other pics of him too.



Fish or no fish - we had lots of fun - it was an excellent day yesterday!
All the best,

Glenn B

Sunday, March 25, 2018

The Day

I already know why it is so important as do many if not all of my regular readers. I hope I do not live to see the day that slaps everyone into enough awareness of reality to realize why the RKBA is so high a priority for us but should I be alive on that day, I will be ready. The thing is though, I figure by that day - should it come - I and many of you already will have died trying to prevent that day from happening.

All the best,
Glenn B

Subvert Tyranny

All the best,

Remington Bankrupt!

Tonight is a sad night for me and I may sleep worse than usual, which is none too good already, after having learned that the oldest manufacturer of firearms in these United States - Remington has filed for bankruptcy (source). Should I hit the Power Ball or Mega Millions for say - a half a billion after taxes, I would make them an offer. I mean that too, that is how much that company means to me.

I learned how to shoot on Winchester and Remington rifles at summer camp. The heavier Remington became my favorite, especially since I shot better with them than with the Winchesters. My first personally owned shotgun was a Remington 870 Wingmaster, sold it to raise cash when I was poor. My next was a Remington 870 Express combo that I still own. I also owned at least another one of them - gave it to my son. I also have an 870 Express synthetic. In addition I have a Remington 513-T Matchmaster, a Remington Model 31 in 16 gauge and a Remington R1 1911 pistol in 45 ACP. I used to own a Remington 241 The Speedmaster and have a bad case of seller's remorse over that one. My choice of carry longarm, while I was a federal agent, was for many years a shotgun and the only shotguns I ever carried for work were 870s (both issued and personal).  I also use their ammunition frequently for target, self defense and hunting purposes. My son shot his first big game animal, a black bear, with a single round of Remington 35 REM Core-Lokt ammo for a one shot kill and I took most of my deer with Remington slugs out of my 870 Express. So to hear that Remington, an American icon, is going belly up saddens me greatly.

I have to wonder how this will affect Marlin since they are part of Remington as of late. I have owned my fair share of them too nd have at least four Marlins right now. Hopefully both of them will not fold, one is more than bad enough sad news. If they do, then it certainly will be a great loss to our nation and a feather to tickle the insanity bone of the leftists.

Eliphalet Remington must be rolling in his grave in agony.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Is Probable Cause An Excuse For Law Enforcement Unprofessionalism?

To answer my own question, I think not.

Yet, as can be seen I the embedded video, unprofessionalism abounds as seen and heard in the reactions of police officers responding to a 'shots fired' call.

While the video is pretty amusing, I think there are also some serious considerations to be examined after viewing it.

First of all, I believe that the officer who calls the suspect a fucking liar should be suspended - no pay and face departmental disciplinary action. There is no call for behavior like that in law enforcement and I mean that quite seriously. Behavior like his, rhetoric like his, combine to set an atmosphere of a crime having been committed and of the 'suspect' being guilty before any facts can even come close to substantiating it. While there was no crime committed, they did have probable cause to investigate whether or not shots were fired but that was all they had. There was zero reason for the officer to falsely accuse the mechanic of lying and certainly absolutely no call to use inflammatory and foul language in this situation when they are making an armed response. All he is accomplishing is nothing short of potentially inflaming the situation.

Imagine if the suspect/mechanic decided to sue him for defamation of character/slander. Not much of a case, you say. Maybe there is not but then what if the suspect were to file a formal complaint against the officers. Why should he, you may wonder. If the cops can act like totally disrespectful assholes then why not the accused take corrective action. Add to all their indiscretions the fact that there was no apology forthcoming from the officers for their armed incursion and false accusations! Their response to a report of shots fired was amazingly unprofessional but the unprofessionalism it did not stop their.

Did anyone else besides me even consider, other than the foul mouth and false accusations, how very unprofessional and unsafe were these officers. They suspected the mechanic of firing off weapons or at least of having heard rapid fire gunshots that the police themselves claim to have heard. They come in fairly heavily armed, at least half expecting to find guns. They obviously believe the guy is lying to them about not having any guns or at least about not having heard guns shots. Then they let the mechanic, whom at least one of the officers obviously believes is lying to them (the same officer who over reacted at first by saying he had heard cannons), go to a vehicle that evidently has not been searched so he can demonstrate to them that the car was backfiring. What could have ensued had he reached into the vehicle and pulled out an AK? Officer safety was not a given proper consideration in the minds of the officers - instead, their thought the guy was lying had taken first priority and right then and there that was all that mattered. While the bald cop told the mechanic to demonstrate the problem with the backfiring, I note that once again, the unprofessional acting and foul mouthed cop was center stage in telling the guy to go to the car and prove it - and it is apparent that cop was 100% certain (his mind made up in advance) that the mechanic was lying. Luckily for them, the mechanic was evidently telling the truth.

In addition to a lack of consideration for officer safety, what about the safety of the mechanic and his coworkers? These officers are making an armed response and officer foul mouth is inflaming the situation and then gives instructions to the 'suspect' to go to an unsearched vehicle, unattended by an officer, to demonstrate the backfiring. What is the suspect had tripped and fallen - would that have been seen by the officers as a move to grab a weapon? Would they then have opened fire. Stranger things have happened leading to the death of a person who was nothing more than an innocent bystander. Proper control of the situation was not being exercised and the potential for disaster had been set. Luckily it ended without violence.

That one cop, the one who started all of this was the one who said he heard the shots (remember he called then cannons), he also was the same one who inflamed the situation with foul language and by calling the mechanic a liar and was the same one who urged the mechanic to get into the car to prove it had been backfiring while obviously believing the mechanic was lying and thus was one of the two who placed the lives of the other officers and of the mechanic into potential jeopardy either had the mechanic actually been lying or had he innocently made a move that would have made at least one of the officers feel threatened. Sure no one got hurt but what bout the next time that same cop overreacts and fails to control the situation as it should be controlled. A different and much more professional approach was called for and would have been better at taking into consideration safety of everyone involved. 
All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, March 19, 2018

Damn It Was One Heck Of A Shot...

...if indeed it gets confirmed. I refer to the single shot that took out an Isis commander from approximately 1,500 meters. A one shot kill, in almost total darkness even if using thermal imaging optics is one heck of a feat and considering it was reported that the sniper had only a 15 second window of opportunity it is even more impressive. Not impressed enough, then consider that it was an instant kill head shot and bear in mind that head shots on moving targets are one of the most difficult to achieve.

That shot was supposedly fired by a British sniper near the Syrian border. The shooter is believed to have been a sergeant with the SAS G-Squadron and is reported to have used a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle. More here from the source.

The McMillian TAC 50 was made in the USA and has been succeeded by
the TAC 50 A1 - a newer improved version. More here about the TAC 50
and more here about the TAC 50 A1. Photo source.
Heck, I am happy if I hit a deer at 50-75 yards but then that is with a 12 gauge with a slug barrel and iron sights. Then again, about the furthest I have ever shot with a scoped rifle, more than once, was 150 yards (and maybe shot one session at 200 buy my little gray cells only vaguely seem to recall such). Anyway, I did okay but neither 150 nor 200 yards are almost a mile and I was not taking head shots on moving target at night - not by a longshot!

Hitting something at almost a mile away in near total darkness with only 15 seconds to do it is phenomenal. The linked article quotes someone as saying: “He is definitely the best sniper around at the moment.”. While that may or may not be true, he sure is a lucky one because no matter how skilled, and I figure he is indeed an extremely skilled shooter, luck played a part. It was very excellent luck for the sniper and the worst luck there is for the terrorist. It was also probably the best of luck for the McMillian Firearms because a shot like that, out of one of their rifles, can only work wonders for their business.

Did I mention - that shot was/is undeniably impressive!

All the best,
Glenn B

Friggin Boats

All the best,

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Nice Restaurant Sign - I'd Eat There

Info about this sign here.
All the best,
Glenn B

Road Trip - Highlights Of My Trip To AR So Far

My trip down to AR was pretty uneventful and there were no super special highlights to the drive down here except maybe most of the trip itself and there was only one low point. That was the traffic through Long Island, NYC and NJ. Being that was the only real low, and the rest of the drive went well, I guess it made 95% of the drive a highpoint! I left NY on Wednesday pretty much precisely at 1300 (130 PM).

Within 10 minutes of my house, I ran into traffic and it
lasted intermittently for the hour and a half it took
to drive only 85 miles.
Luckily, once I got about midway through NJ, traffic had disappeared. The ride the rest of the at was much better as can be seen in this brief clip of the road in West By God Virginia. 

Around midnight, I stopped at a Motel 6 in Huntington, WV but did not stay there because they could not check me in due to a local power failure. Drove another 50 or 60 miles and got to a motel in Morehead (yes it is Morehead not Moorehead), KY at about 0130 (130 AM) Thursday morning and stayed at a quasi-dump of a Motel XXX. Even though I had been the sole occupant in my car, I had a little help while driving that kept me going for that 12 hour drive with only one stop of maybe 20 minutes to eat and gas up.

The stuff really worked, at least this time.
I departed Morehead at 1130 Thursday morning, then stopped in Bowling Green, KY for an hour for lunch but it wound up the first place I stopped at did not serve food. Who would have thought an Irish Pub did not serve food; of course, they did serve Irish whiskey.
Three folks walked in right after I had ordered a shot
 and they asked for menus. That was when I found out
they did not serve food, kitchen was being redone.
 After a wee dram of Jameson's, I walked around a bit, then went to another place and had a bit of breakfast at around 1430 (2PM). Took off back on the road again shortly after that.

I arrived at my son's place in Benton, AR at about 2145 (945 PM) or thereabouts at 1313.3 miles from my front door to his. That was on Thursday night. On Friday, he was on his second day of his new job for orientation, so I went food shopping. I picked up groceries for both of us and a fishing rod for myself. Also got a couple of shirts for us to wear on St. Paddy's day.

He modeled it but I wore it when we went out on the Saturday night of
 St. Patrick's day. He wore the other one in he background on the box
holding the Yugo SKS. (I wonder where that came from!)
Before we had a chance to go out on Saturday, we went out to a local bar with Brendan's friend Walter. We got pretty smashed.

On Saturday, St. Paddy's Day, we had hoped to go canoeing on the Caddo River but found out the river was running low so we opted to go catfishing. We went to pond owned by Jimmy, a friend of Walter & Brendan. Walter was along with us. None of us caught a thing but I may have gotten a few bites, I pulled at least 40 to 50 ticks off of me - most very small nymphs but definitely ticks after a walk along the brushy shoreline. I forgot to use the Deep Woods Off Brendan had in his tackle box. Have not found any of them on me since and hope none are hidden somewhere doing their best to suck me dry.

I have to clean the selfie lens!
On Saturday night, Brendan and I went to Fassler's Hall, A German style bier garten. It was packed with plenty of elvin folk wearin' the green. We had a  bite to eat and he had a couple or few biers. I took measures to avoid a gout attack and drank only club soda after getting bashed the night before.

Sunday, it was just me and Brendan and a day that promised to be rainy. We took a ride over to Hot Springs and went to a small gun show at the local fairgrounds there. It had maybe 125 to 130 tables. There were not many potential buyers, I am guessing that maybe 50 - 60 shoppers, at most, were inside at any given time. Prices on guns & ammo were high. Regardless, I found a magazine for my Glock 30 at a decent price of $23 and bought it so I'd have three mags for when we take the Glock 30 to the range, probably next weekend. It only came with 2 mags and while I had ordered three mags for it before leaving NY, as luck had it, they arrived at my house the day after I left on this trip. The rain held off until after we were back at Brendan's apartment.

After getting back to Brendan's place, I cooked a 5.5 pound corned beef, a head of cabbage and several white taters. It may have been a day late but damn it was delicious. We ate over half of the corned beef in one sitting.

Maybe it tasted even better than usual because we waited an extra day for it.
He will be working his new job all week so it gives me plenty of time to get into mischief by myself. It's been fun so far and I expect it to be fun for however long I stay here, especially on the weekends when I spend them with Brendan.

All the best,
Glenn B

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Commencing ROAD TRIP Today - I Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooner or later today I'll get my ass in gear and hop in the Corolla and get in it gear as well to begin my road trip to Arkansas to visit Brendan. I had kind of planned to leave at 0900 this morning but after having to crawl out of bed 5 or 6 times last night to hit the head, I needed to sleep later than usual. That has been happening almost every night for months now. 

Before I leave though, I at have to make a stop. Yesterday I went to my urologist. He sent me for a CT scan of my lower abdomen to see what is going on that is making me go so many times each night. Too bad he did not do that when I last saw him over a month ago since the problem has been ongoing since December. As my luck would have it, which is all to often bad luck, I got to the radiology pace and they told me I'd have to wait to see if they could repair their CT Scanner which had been out of service all day. I waited an hour only for them to tell me it was kaput! Why they made an appointment for me in the first place is beyond reason when they could have sent me to one of their other locations. Anyway, I a going to try to have that done today and then leave. If I cannot get an early enough appointment, I'll do it in AR.

I hope to be gone within three hours at most.

All the best,
Glenn B

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mother Nature Was Not All That Harsh Arond Here...

...and thus the weather forecasters were wrong once again! This morning there may have been 1/2 inch of snow on the ground on my side patio, maybe an inch and a half on the concrete sidewalk out front, and maybe three inches on my car. That certainly was not the 4 to 6" or more that was predicted along with high winds and much higher gusts. They kept stressing the "or more" too. As it turned out, no further accumulation landed upon us even though it snowed a bit more.

That made me somewhat disappointed that I had put off my pending road trip due to the weather forecasts I had heard yesterday. It would have been no big deal to drive in that snowfall. Then again, I heard a weather report saying that the snow had been piling up high and winds were blowing sideways in Patterson, NJ - only about 37 miles northwest of here. I would pretty much have to have driven through that to start my trip so maybe it is better that I decided to wait until tomorrow. Decisions, decisions.

Had the oil and air filters changed on my car today. After that I was a bit hopeful I'd get out of here today but tomorrow is only a day away and I had too much to do today not to put it off until then.

In case you are wondering, I am Arkansas bound to visit Brendan.

All the best,
Glenn B

If The Forecast Was Right...

...this is just about what is happening in the northeast today.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sour Rabbits

All the best,
Glenn B

Monday, March 12, 2018

Did He Really Say That...

...because if he did my like and respect for the man has gone up an awful lot. Damn, I'd buy him drinks all night if I had the chance.

All the best,
Glenn B

Trust Me

That is one heck of a lot of trust! If someone trusted me that much, I'd sell 'em a bridge in the Sahara.
All the best,
Glenn B

Stupid Libs

This seems par for the course as to the way libs twist everything in relation to Trump - they usually do it pretty stupidly just like this: 

All the best,
Glenn B

Damn Another Nor'easter On Its Way Here

At least that is what the all-confusing weather gurus are yammering about today. Supposed to start snowing tonight but then again it is 43 degrees right now. Of course, no doubt it can drop pretty quickly the snow may come, in fact judging by what they have been saying it seems sure to come. They are saying 4 to 6" or more in my neck of the concrete jungle but who knows.

Had it not been for this forecast I probably would have been on the road tomorrow for a little bit of a road trip. Now, I guess I should wait until Wednesday. I prefer to make it t where I am driving, in one piece and otherwise good health and driving in a nor'easter is probably not a good idea with that in mind. Of course, if it is not too bad tomorrow, I may just say damn the snowflakes - full speed ahead (well legal highway speed anyway).

No, I did not say to where I am headed; later for that.

All the best,
Glenn B


Saturday, March 10, 2018

Oh My - Was That Me

Damn, if I wasn't drinking already, I'd drive over to Total Wine to pick up some booze!

All the best,

When Someone Shoves A Baby In Your Face

There have been more than a few times when someone I know has tried to hand me their infant or toddler when I did not want to be bothered; if only I had thought of that reply years ago maybe it would have been much less often.
All the best,
Glenn B

Do You Know When You See An Asshole?

If you are not sure if you have ever seen one, look below the cover:

I Am Sure Someone Else Has Thought Of This...

...but just in case no one has mentioned it: Do you think the only reason that Kim Jong Un invited President Trump to North Korea is so that he can call it off shortly before the scheduled meeting and then blame it on Trump for it falling through? You know, Rocket Boy saying something like Trump set too many conditions! Of course, President Trump is setting conditions and would have to be a fool not to do so. Then again N. Korea has said it will do certain things before the meeting. So, if President Trump's conditions are that N. Korea does what it promised, who can blame him if it falls through besides maybe a psycho like Kim Jong Un or an American made leftist loon.

All the best,
Glenn B

Ever Check Your Credit Score?

I just checked mine through a free service from my bank. Wow, it does not suck at all, as a matter of fact it is excellent. Not quite the top score you can achieve but pretty darned close. Makes me wonder though, what does one have to do to get a perfect score because my house is paid off, have some money in the bank, have a steady income (at least until the government defaults on government pensions), I pay my bills on time, have had the same credit cards for years, well one maybe only for a year or so but all the others for many years and not too many of them either, have never defaulted on a financial obligation, never declared bankruptcy and so on. So what does one have to do to achieve credit score perfection???

All the best,
Glenn B

Thursday, March 8, 2018

So When Can We Expect Retraction Number 2...

...from the NY Times relative to its February article that miscalculated the taxes of a hypothetical couple under President Trumps new tax reform. According to the Times, the couple would pay more taxes under the trump plan than they would have paid under the old tax rules. The thing was, the Times was outright wrong and they retracted that claim by 'correcting' it to say the couple would have received a $43 tax refund instead of having to pay an increase of $3,896 in taxes.

Well that was 'the thing was'. The thing is: now it has been reported that they were reportedly wrong about that $43 tax refund too in as much as they did not have the hypothetical couple claim other tax credits for an additional savings of $1,500. That additional savings should have been calculated into their tax returns as per "Chicago tax law professor Daniel Hemel, who said Times editors still don’t understand Trump’s tax cuts.". (More at the source.)

I would imagine the Times will eat more crow and tat they will correct their latest reported blunder with what amounts to retraction #2.

All the best,
Glenn B

President Trump - No Other Like Him Since At least The 1950's

The President of the United States of America, the very same one many on the left call "#Not My President" is truly one of the most amazingly competent presidents within my lifetime. Proof of that is not only found within his accomplishments to date - which are many such as the improved economy, tax reform, reduction of unnecessary government regulations - but also can be witnessed in his planned meeting with Kin Jong Un, the communist tyrant in North Korea, to discuss ending the decades ongoing confrontation and nuclear escalation with North Korea. President Trump is awesome and I say that as an independent with zero party affiliation! Yes, the meeting may yet fall through and never take place, what with that nut job running North Korea, but tell me which other U.S. president since the 1950s has handled the situation the way President Trump is doing it now? Allow me to answer my own question - not one although another was extremely close.
More here.
All the best,
Glenn B



Blog Comments

It's been ages since I have received an email notification from Blogger telling me that there were comments awaiting moderation on my blog. Thus, I have to remember to log into Blogger every now and then, click on comments awaiting moderation and check to see if there are any comments. I would much rather receive mail notifications each time someone comments.

I have tried several times to fix all that but to no avail. Today, I once again went to my blocked senders list in Outlook (my email provider) and this time I looked through each and every one of the blocked senders (which are legion cause there are lots of arsehats out there who send unwanted emails). I did not see anything that even resembled an email address from blogger but did find one or three with Google in there and I eliminated them, along with some others, from the blocked sender list. I don't know which one I eliminated that did the trick but getting rid of at least one of them from the blocked senders list may have worked.

I just added three test comments to a couple of posts and got email alerts saying there were new comments. Now, mind you, it did not say there were comments requiring moderation, I guess because I had entered the comments and I guess Google/Blogger dos not require verification when it is the owner of the blog doing the commenting. The thing is though, I made a comment to one of my blog posts a day or three ago and did not receive such notification then. Since I got these now, I am hopeful it will work when anyone leaves comments and that I will be notified accordingly.

Someone leave a comment please, I need at least one, from someone other than me, to see if it works.

Glenn B

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I Am Sitting Here In The Sun On My Bench...

...and no it's not the Group W bench and there ain't no mother rapers or father rapers even close as far as I know. I am enjoying a glass a tart cherry juice (supposed to do wonders to alleviate the gout) with some Kirschwasser in it (pretty good at causing the gout but only a wee dram) and I am enjoying the aromas of two pork shoulder roasts. One is on my BBQ grill maybe 15 feet from me and the other is in the oven in my kitchen. My bench is directly under the vent for the range hood and the hood's fan is on thus bathing me in the aroma of roasting pork. Every now and again, the breeze whips around in a dizzying but delightful eddy and causes the aroma from the roast in the grill to hit me smack dab in my face. There is a bit of a difference between the smells from each roast but both are damned fine on the nose and are making my mouth water in anticipation. 

Some sourkraut, baked beans and some freshly baked biscuits will complete tonight's dinner. I am getting hungrier and hungrier thinking about it with the ever so amazing aroma of roast pork all around me.

As to why I decided to BBQ today,  I figured why not BBQ today when it's 43 degrees or so (getting chillier now) and sunny since tomorrow's forecast promises cold and lots of rain and snow.

Al the best,
Glenn B

Saturday, March 3, 2018

If You Buy A Knife At A Gun Show... is not all that bad a thing to do especially if you buy one with a trigger that just about shoots the blade out. That is just what Brendan did today at a gun show in Benton, AR.

 It must be nice living in a state where such knives are legal.

Funny thing about that gun show, Brendan thought he had a couple of LEO types following him around it for awhile. Maybe they thought he was an Antifa type or a displaced New Yorker intent on smuggling firearms back to Cuomoistan. So what did he do, bought a knife and threw them off completely. Truth is, even if he wanted to but another gun, after buying the Beretta M9A3 not that long ago, I doubt he will have enough cash to afford another gun for some time.

All the best,
Glenn B

Dick's Sporting Goods - Bigger Dicks Than Ever...

...and Walmart has followed along.

It is old news already, that Dick's Sporting Goods has announced they will cease selling what they and leftist malcontents & politicians call assault rifles and that Dick's will engorge their dickheadedness by banning sales of firearms to anyone under the age of 21. Since I have not blogged in a week or so though, I am going to comment on this new dickhead policy made by a company ever so appropriately named and will tell you what I am doing about it in my own little way (which is something I think you too should do).

First off, as you likely have gathered by what I just wrote above - I think the policy is ridickulous. It is also, or at least should be, an outrage to all rights loving Americans. Banning any adult under the age of 21 from purchasing a firearm, when it is otherwise legal for an 18 year old or older person to make such a purchase is a blatant act of age discrimination. That is abhorrent alone but even more so if you imagine a member of the U.S. military, who is 20 years old, being turned away by Dick's when trying to legally purchase a sporting or self-defense rifle! Damn, we send them off to war to defend our nation and our principles and put them is harm's way but we won't trust them to purchase a firearm for personal use until they hit the somehow magical age set by Dick's that makes selling them guns suddenly okay!

It seems obvious to me, after reading the above linked article from which I am about to quote, that Dick's came up with the new policy out of only one real concern - that of liability:

"Stack said the discovery that Dick’s had sold a gun in November to suspected Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz spurred the company into action, even though it wasn’t the same weapon or type of gun used in this month’s shooting.

“But it came to us that we could have been a part of this story,’’ Stack said to the Times. “We said, ‘We don’t want to be a part of this any longer,’” said Mr. Stack.""

Stack is the head of Dick's and is acting like one, specifically like a dickhead, in my opinion. That they don't want to be a part of it only seems to me to mean they do not want to face the liability that may be associated with such a shooting had they sold the firearm to the shooter. It certainly does not mean, again in my opinion, that they feel for the victims and are doing this out of some sense of being able to prevent such shootings in the future because they kept on selling guns to those under 18 all along after prior mass shootings committed by others - some of them under 21. As I see it, it was only after a heinous dirtbag psycho shooter purchased a rifle from them, albeit not the rifle used in the shooting, that they suddenly said - hey we have to stop selling assault rifles and stop selling to anyone under 21. It is a disgrace and a clear indication that Dick's is living up to its namesake.

As if that was not bad enough, Walmart reportedly also has announced that it has jumped on the Dick's bandwagon and that it is also going to discontinue sales of firearms to anyone under the age of 21. They already stopped selling so called assault rifles years ago, something I did not realize or not recall I guess since I cannot remember ever purchasing a firearm from them and thus have little interest in what type of guns they sell or do not sell.

The current situation though is amazing in as much as I have not seen or heard even one word of condemnation from either of these retail giants about the failure of law enforcement to prevent the Parkland, FL shooting; not one mention of how the current gun control laws have failed to deter such shootings but instead have created soft targets such as gun-free school zones in which children can easily be massacred; not one word about how to really and reasonably protect our children while not stripping of us our rights; not one word about the mental health crisis that has spawned such shooters because they have lived with zero outlets for their frustrations and such non-violent wussification all too often cumulates in an explosion of violence, against they who cannot or will not defend themselves, by those so deprived.

So what is one to do? I for one am going to close my Dick's Scorecard account and discontinue shopping there. I am also going to stop shopping at Walmart and tell them to close my online account. I will also contact both companies and inform them of my displeasure with their policies and to let them know because of those anti-gun policies, I will no loner shop at either. I also will, of course, continue to champion the right to keep and bear arms as best I know how. I think you all should do likewise.

All the best,
Glenn B