Monday, March 26, 2018

The Fishing Pier

Brendan and I went shooting yesterday, at Bear Mountain Range - a public range on federal land. He shot his new Yugo SKS, his Beretta M9A3, his Glock 43 and most of the guns I brought along. Mine were the Ruger Redhawk, Glock 30 and a S&W revolver. or some reason, y little gray cells never thought of taking the Colt Detective Special out of my pocket for him to enjoy as well and the Glock 26 never left my hip. Regardless of not shooting those two, we had lots of fun.

After that, we headed to a fishing pier, on the way home, that was located on Remmel Dam Road. We fished for about an hour but had absolutely no luck catching anything (what else is not new). The pier was located in a cove in nice little park that is not on Google Maps. Nice pier on a beautiful cove of 
the Ouachita River. I am guessing there must be fish in it but it will be up to us to discover that some other day. Being I have one week here, and as luck would have it Brendan started a new job just before I arrived, it will have to be this coming weekend or not until next time I get down to AR.

Anyway, at least I remembered to get in another kind of shot while at the pier. I do not like selfies, they are not flattering with me looking about 10 years older than my actual age but since Brendan is in this one too - how can I not share it. Him being in the shot makes it worth it. Got some other pics of him too.



Fish or no fish - we had lots of fun - it was an excellent day yesterday!
All the best,

Glenn B

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