Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9mm Penetration At Distance

The guys at Iraqveteran8888 certainly do up some excellent videos for YouTube. Their channel is one of the very few YouTube channels to which I subscribe. If you carry a 9mm pistol for self defense and or if you utilize a 9mm carbine for the same purpose, you may want to give a watch to one of their latest videos:  How Far Will a 9mm Kill? (Note I condone shooting to stop as I imagine do they and they are not condoning shooting to kill in this video, just telling you at up to what distances they believe the 9mm could be lethal.)

While it may not be the most scientific of studies, it certainly should allow you to see that the 9mm can be lethal at decent distances for a pistol round. Anyone who, after seeing this video, wants to claim that a 3/4" thick plywood target and a 2x4" board do not replicate a human body would be correct; but anyone who thinks that a 9mm round, at 200 yards fired from a pistol or at 440 yards fired from a carbine, could not crack open your coconut (the one sitting on your neck) is a fool.


I watched all of season one of Longmire pretty much glued to the tube. I have watched all the episodes this year kind of, sort of but I just have not been into it as much as last year. Still though, I have followed along well enough. Tonight, I decided to really pay attention. I was very happy I made that decision. Tonight's episode was excellent and ended with it being a classic cliffhanger more or less even though the timing was off a bit. You know, a cliffhanger ended with a scene in which some action pivotal to the plot was just to unfold at its climax and they end the show a moment before it happens. In other words, you'd be left in suspense until next week's show. Well this one lived up to being a true classic cliffhanger, except as I said for the timing being off a bit - they had another scene after the cliffhanger scene - but the wait for the next episode would have been suspense filled nonetheless had they wanted it to be so.

I mean, heck it was not a second after the show and I was anxious to see next weeks show to see how a duel between Walt and a survivalist turned out (you saw them about to shoot it out, the camera pans away just as you hear two shots and the suspense was set. I also was anxious to see and to see  if Vic survives or gets killed off trying to rescue Walt. Then within a minute, it all fell apart, the fuckers ruined it for everyone. What did the big time directors or producers (or whomever) in charge of producing the commercials decide to do in the commercial? They showed Walt and Vic, both alive and well, in next week's show. What assholes. Why bother having one of the best episodes ever end in a cliffhanger if they were going to ruin the suspense by showing us clips from next week's show with Walt and Vic in them. Why not just show several clips without them and keep everyone in suspense - after all that is the whole idea of a cliffhanger. Again, I must say - WHAT ASSHOLES.

Later 4 Longmire,
Glenn B