Wednesday, February 16, 2011 (update)

I received an email from Fred at today. In it he said yes they got the order incorrect and will fix it to my satisfaction. I have not spoken to him about it yet but I am anticipating an amicable solution will be offered to me and that this will come to a good end with me being a satisfied customer.

I have to say, they were quick to confirm my order when I first made it, sent it out promptly, and it arrived when expected. If there was an error in packing it they sure seem willing to correct it.

Second Impression = excellent customer service so far.

All the best,
Glenn B (first impression)

Last week, I posted a blog post here about an order for ammo I made with I placed an order for 1,000 rounds of Fiocchi 124 gr. FMJ 9mm ammo.

The order was confirmed and sent out within a day or two. I received it Tuesday (yesterday by the time I post this) via UPS, one week to the day after I placed the order. I opened the box and there were 20 boxes containing 50 rounds in each box of Fiocchi 124 gr. 9mm FMJTC ammo. Funny, I thought I ordered FMJ not FMJTC ammo. I checked my order and checked their website. The order was for FMJ and the website advertised it as FMJ but they sent FMJTC.

My first impression was some disappointment. I do not like it when I order one thing then get another, one that is so close it makes me think either they just made an innocent mistake or pulled the old bait and switch scheme. Now I am not saying that the FMJTC is not as good as, or maybe even better, than the regular FMJ (which is round nosed ammo). It is just I do not like getting something other than for which I paid without prior notice from the merchant and without the merchant getting prior approval from the customer (who would be me).

I sent them an email to ask them to straighten this out. Time will tell as to how they handle this. Maybe my second impression will be better.

While I am awaiting a reply from them: Does anyone who is reading this have any experience with the truncated cone shaped bullets? I seem to remember having fired this before but cannot for the life of me recall if it shot well or not. If someone can convince me it is as good or better than round nose FMJ, who knows - maybe I will keep it after all.

By the way, if you do not know what is a truncated cone, here is the dictionary definition:

1. a frustum formed from a cone

Now if you are unaware of the definition of as common a word as frustum, here is the geometric definition of it (because that was the definition in the dictionary):

1. the part of a conical solid left after cutting off a top portion with a plane parallel to the base.

2. the part of a solid, as a cone or pyramid, between two usually parallel cutting planes.

In other words, this bullet looks cone shaped, but as if the pointy end has been cut off to make it a flat nose that is parallel with the base of the bullet. Pretty neat looking but I have to wonder if it is balls on accurate when shooting. I mean that should be important to a guy nicknamed Ballseye - shouldn't it!

All the best,
Glenn B

PS: On that word frustum - can you think of the item on which, quite possibly as frequently as every day, you see one pictured? That is, at least you do, if you are in the USA.