Sunday, August 5, 2007

Do Darts Count... "arms" as expressed in the 2nd Amendment? I would imagine the Founding Fathers meant just about any type of arms, so I guess my 2nd Amendment sign is well placed right under my newy hung dart board. I figured it looked pretty good right there, and that since it is a metal sign, it may help deflect errant darts. I think the only thing I may be lacking is spackle to fill in holes and yellow paint to match the walls because dart holes are probably inevitable. Then again, I may hook up a thin sheet of plywood or paneling or something like that to hang from the bottom of the dart board cabinet so as to block errant darts, something easily removed and replaced so it does not have to be an eyesore when we are not playing.

Our basement was finished when we bought our house 12 years ago, then refinished to make it look better (the old walls really looked bad), and now finally it has a bit more of a user friendly feel to it since I rearranged things a week ago when I shampooed the carpets down there. We have a TV, a dart board, a weight set, and will soon have a nicely set up aquarium (but don't tell my wife about that until I get it all set up). Of course we also have another computer down there, my daughter's college machne that she no longer uses. I have to get a table or desk or computer stand later this afternoon, so I can to set it back up.

I may also pick up a nice set of darts too. I cannot wait to beat my son at it!

All the best,

Glenn B