Sunday, January 3, 2016

Here Is An Excellent Price On 22LR Ammo...

...that is if you are the dealer who actually is selling any at the price. When a case of 5K Armscor 22LR ammo is selling for $1.00 per round, or in other words for $5,000.00 for a 5,000 round case, yes it is a price only a seller could love. Then again they may not love it since it is likely none of it is selling at that price.

That is the price as I found it at Ammo Supply Warehouse today, just minutes ago as I type. I imagine you will be able to see it yourself at this link, at least until they correct it. Yes, I am guessing it has to be a mistake. If it is not a mistake and they know something we do not about Obummer's upcoming gun control measures or about potential 22LR unavailability; well then, I stand to make some money on what 22LR I have in stock and still have a good amount left over.

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It Is January 3rd...

...did you remember to change the batteries in your smoke and CO2 alarms on the 1st? I just thought of it a few minutes ago and will do it after dinner today. I'll be damned if I can recall if I already changed them in March or November when we reset the time on the clocks. Luckily, I had the foresight of buying the 9 volt batteries awhile back, so I have enough of them to go around for the smoke and CO2 detectors that still use them (and for my metal detector). Our newer ones, at least the newer smoke alarms, have 10 year batteries installed and require complete unit replacements after 10 years. Still have a couple or few of the old ones though and they will get fresh batteries today.

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Her First Time

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Maybe Obama Should Start With Guys Like This...

...when it comes to gun control.

Now, for all I know, this guy could be the legal owner of that gun but let's go with the stereotypical hoodlum from the hood view of this photo for purposes of this post; and let's do it without actually judging this guy. In other words the photo is just a prop. Now tell me please, what has Obama done and what does he plan to do to rid our society of heinous criminals that commit violent crimes. As far as I know he has done nothing but repeatedly lend his support to them, coddle them or ignore them. 

Think about it, what is Obummer trying to do with his type of gun control but to punish law abiding citizens, to restrict their rights and their liberties all while destroying the Constitution of The United States of America and thus destroying our Nation? Oh yeah, that's right, the other thing he is trying to do is to slowly but surely create a socialist/communist like tyranny with our country. You know what I mean right - that fundamental change thing he spoke about.

The best, most certain way, to do so would be to disarm the populace, if not completely, then of any arms that could successfully be used to stage a revolution against his bran of tyranny. If he cannot achieve an outright ban, then possibly a registration program so that the government could later effect unconstitutional seizures of them. if that fails then major restrictions on when and how someone can obtain more. He has already tried with ammunition, will probably try harder with that since ammo is coming back into supply and will likely try with what the government considers to be assault weapons and maybe more. The time seemingly is upon us to either defend our Constitution and thus our liberties and our rights and our whole lifestyle because he surely is trying to destroy them all.

He apparently has not done anything, nor planned to do anything, 
effectively to eliminate violent crime.

I will say one thing about the actual guy in the photo, he evidently knows enough to keep his finger off of the trigger until ready to shoot but not to keep his hand from in front of the muzzle. Whether he is a real hoodlum, a firearms owner showing off his gun, or a model - he needs to brush up on firearms safety. Then again, if he really is a heinous criminal thug, why should I care about him knowing gun safety! If he remains ignorant of it, maybe he will blow his hand off, bleed to death, and do us all a favor.

All the best,
Glenn B
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