Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gun Show Report

Okay, so we left the hosue this morning about five minutes after 0800. No breakfast, no coffee, and off we went. We got to my friends house right about on time at 0830. No traffic Saturday mornings are a good thing. We picked up both friends at the one's house, and we were off to Middletown and the Orange Coutny Fairgrounds for the Gun Show. About 87.9 miles later we were there. We mad good time, again no traffic to speak of. Found a parking spot about 1/4 mile from the entrance, and hoofed it to the show. Got to the entrance, paid an entry fee of $9.00 apiece (getting steeper all the time), then got disarmed at the entrance. Well not disarmed really, they had me unload and then they banded my pistol which they then gave back to me, and they had me leave the one mag from the gun at the door in a baggie with my name in with it. Funny how they never took the spare mags, and how I could have easily clipped the band myself and reloaded, or bought a new mag and some ammo and loaded. What was the point? I wondered about that, but I am not wondering now. I just firgure it is NY with sily, foolish, pointless assinine gun show regulations. Hopefully people will someday see the light and swing back toward freedom and sensible laws.

Went in started to look around sticking with the other 3, then remembered I wanted some ammo cans, and I headed to a back corner table where I got some at the last show. Sure enough the vendor with the ammo cans was in the same place, I picked up four excellent condition 50 cal ammo cans for $20. Then I realized I wa son my own. Spent the next hour or so browsing the tables and keeping my eyes open for a good bargain, and for another friend who was supposed to show up. Finally ran into Brendan again. He told me about some neat guns he had seen, and we went to check them out together. After another half hour or so, we ran into Richie, one of the friends who took the ride with us. He was busying himself buying an air rifle. He said Hubie was off somewhere else still searching the tables. After a short while we ran into Hubert, he was talking to Charlie K, one of 2 guys who was to meetus at the show. The other Pete K never showed, or we missed him. We BS'd with Charlie for a while, then he made the rounds again while we loaded some stuff into my car. Charlie met us outside not too long after that. As was I, he was soaked with perspiration. It was hot as hades in the show. Warm and muggy outside the show did little to relieve us.

After that we were off to Gander Mountain, where I picked up a few small items I needed. Then off to a McDonald's (off all places) for a quick lunch and BS session. It was a nice time despite being big Mac combos for lunch. Then Cgharlie K went on his way usptate to his daughter's college, andf the 4 of us got inmy car and headed home. It had started raining just before we left Middletown, and about halfway home we were in a downpour. Luckily we missed any flooding, but we could see the river getting high in some places we passed.

I did not pick up any new guns at the show, just the ammo cans. Prices on most firearms in which I had any interest were too high for me. I think Gander Mountain had some guns that were less expensive than the exact smae ones we saw at the show. There are not too many good deals left at gun shows anymore, that is unless you find someone bringing in something to sell. Buy it from them only once they have entered the actual gun show hall. If an individual sells to another individual at the show, a NICS check has to be done through a dealer at the show. In NY, don't stop anyone in the parking lot to try and buy from them, this is a big and illegal no-no here.

All the best,
Glenn B