Tuesday, January 2, 2007

So here I am...

...sitting in my office, on Tuesday January 2, 2007. When I got here today, I came in and went straight to my desk. I kind of noticed things were quiet around here. I figured some people were still burning up their use or lose vacation time, so it would be a light day. Then I went around to see some co-workers, and that is when it hit me - a feeling that somehow I was in a Twilight Zone episode. A few to 5 minutes walk revealed there was no one in more than half of the office (yeah took awhile, pretty big office). I started to wonder had I somehow come in on the 1st, the holiday, but I knew that was not right since I had stopped at my bank earlier in the day – heck there was that Twilight Zone music playing in my head again. I was a bit at a loss and was about to check with the office security guys who are always here, when I saw another agent. He clued me in, and man did I ever go suddenly from being in the zone to feeling like a loser. That was because the other agent told me today had been declared a National Day of Mourning for President Ford, meaning federal employees got the day off, to mourn - I guess.
I had been out on sick leave on Friday and had not gotten the word.

Oh well, far be it from me to waste each and every cent the tax payer is paying to me, I decided to stay and get some work done. Not many chances to have a workplace atmosphere like the one I have today - almost no one to pester me, and almost no one for me to pester. Maybe if I am lucky they will throw me a bone in the form of an alternate day off this week, that would be nice but I am not holding my breath waiting. So as it turns out, at least you have the consolation of knowing that at least two employees of ICE/DHS were at work today earning your tax dollars - me and the guy who told me we were supposed to be off. Now back to work for me...

All the best,Glenn B
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