Friday, January 26, 2007

A great feeling of Political Joy, maybe fleeting joy,...

... swept my spirits to new heights this evening when I read: Rep. Tancredo to form presidential committee @ In other words, the man I feel would be best choice as our next president of the United States of America is doing what Hillary Clinton just did. he is forming an exploratory committee to see if his running for the office of president would be feasible.

As for me, I can only hope he decides to run, although as I said my feeling of joy is probably fleeting. I say this because I do not believe he will make it through the primaries, though if he did, I believe he would stand a good chance of beating down any candidate the democrats could offer. He stands for strict enforcement of laws against illegal entry of aliens into the USA, he stands for enactment of reasonable laws regarding legal immigration, he stands for a strong national defense, he stands for the war against terrorism, he stands for law and order, he is fairly pro second amendment, and most recently he has come out against hypocrisy in government by calling for an end to racism in the halls of government in that he has called for an end to caucuses based solely upon race - see:

He is a conservative, not a moderate republican. I like that even though I am not anti-abortion; I really believe it is a choice to be made in certain instances such as rape, incest, danger to the mother, and so forth. I do not believe abortion is the answer to being a slut. I think he is more opposed to abortion than am I, but I can live with that, especially in light of the other things for which he stands. Yet, because he is a person who speaks his mind, because he seems to be quite up front about his political opinions, because he is conservative in the truer sense of conservatism, I think it will be tough for him to beat more moderate republican candidates in the primaries if only because they spin things better than someone who is straight forward. Yet if he can do that, he can win the election as compared to anything the dems can offer. There is yet hope for the 2008 elections as I see it. I can only hope he decides to throw his hat into the ring, and that he gets enough name recognition from the rest of America. He would be, in my opinion, a good thing for our country.

All the best,
Glenn b

The Term Dead Man Walking...

...probably never was more suited than to be applied to guys like John Worman, that is if he is guilty of the attrocities of which he is accused. This guy allegedly has had repeated sexual encounters with children as young as 3 months old - yep folks - not 3 years but 3 MONTHS old. The two women who allegedly assisted him would be suitably referred to as dead Women Walking if they too are guilty. See the article: Man and Two Women Charged With Producing More Than 1 Million Pieces of Child Pornography @,2933,247320,00.html.

Although I have heard of these types of fiend over and over again, although I am convinced they are part of the world, I still cannot imagine anyone having the desire to do such things to young children, and to do so repeatedly over many years time. My bet is that these three people will face a threat of death whereever they are, in prison populations, on the street, or in hiding. Personally I think death is too good for the lot of them, I would think a life in prison with daily torture would be about right; but of course I know that is illegal, and it is just my personal feeling as to what they deserve if guilty. My bet is though, someone will kill them sooner or later in a sort of vigilante justice. If they are guilty, there is one thing killing them would accompish, that they would never be able to do it again!

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Birthday to an Important Ally

Today is the 57th birthday of an ally of the USA, one we should hope remains and ally considering: It is a true friendly ally, it is a republic with democratic elections, it has many of the same enemies as do we, it has great strategic importance, and the fact that it is a nuclear power. Of course I am speaking of the Republic of India which ratified its Constitution and declared itself as a republic in 1950 on this date. To all those loyal Indian citizens, I say: Enjoy a happy Republic Day.

All the best,
Glenn B
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