Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter & A Belated Happy Passover

To all of you who celebrate Easter as part of your faith, with more than just a nice family meal and Easter Baskets full of candy, I wish you a very happy and joyous Easter. He has risen and will rise again yet to heaven.

And shame on me, I forgot to wish this in a timely manner, to all of my Jewish readers: I hope your Passover was a blessed one.

All the best,
Glenn B

The Easter Bunny Has Arrived...

...and she didn't bring any candy.

Oh well, I can see what she has in mind as much more enjoyable than candy and better for you too.

Happy Easter to all you heathens out there (like me) who celebrate it only as a reason for a family get together (which in an of itself is not a bad thing at all).

All the best,

If Resorts World Is Serious About Assuring It Never Happens Again...

...they will either restrict the type of person they allow into it, stop selling or providing free alcohol, or have kick-ass bouncers stationed every 20 feet within the premises with instructions to immediately throw out the rowdy bums.

Something tells me though, now that this riot has taken place, the only way to avoid future melees like that inside that particular casino would be to shut it down. The animals have gotten their first taste of blood there and are sure to come back for more. Of course, if N.Y. City did more than just ticket a few folks, or arrest some for disorderly conduct, maybe that would have a desirable effect too. Then again, this was in the city where the mayor, Bill de Blasio, bends over backwards to appease certain groups of ne'er do wells and I bet he does so regarding this too. Then again, we'll see, since the casino is sure put a lot of money into the city coffers maybe de Blasio will grow some balls. If he takes any action though, I would say it would be a bet with odds in favor of him feeling the pinch of the casino's might on his tiny pair that might make him order a real investigation resulting in arrests, convictions and jail time for the offenders. More here.

To end on a personal note, I have been to that casino, I think twice now. A third visit to it, by me, is highly unlikely.

All the best,
Glenn B

Cleaning Up The Dog Shit Would Save Lots of Money...

...over the current plan to use DNA testing to ID the dog owner's whose dogs have left behind their loads so you can bet the current plan to do so, by several Seattle homeowners associations and apartment & condo owners, will b take up by the city government there in no time. Now mind you, I am not faulting apartment or condo complex owners, nor home owners associations. I mean let's face it, if you own a dog and live in an apartment or condo, you should not be allowing your mutt to shit in the hallways, the elevators or on the roof. I am sure though, city officials will see this as yet another way to keep dog owners under their thumbs and they will commence this this as soon as possible on a citywide level. If they do, you can bet it will spread nationally as new policy within cities, counties and states across the nation, in no time.
More here.

All the best,
Glenn B
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