Sunday, June 25, 2017

Decent 22LR Ammo At A Decent Price

If you are into shooting 22LR ammo at all, you know that prices had been sky high under Obama and that said ammo was often almost impossible to acquire for much of his reign term. Availability has increased and prices have come down some, in fact it is almost regularly available now for under 5 cents per round for what I consider average quality ammo.

Then there is somewhat higher quality 22LR ammunition such as CCI Mini Mags. It has always been higher quality and thus more expensive than the average and lower quality options out there but it was ridiculously priced while Obama was in office if available at all. Right now you can get a box of 100 rounds of it for $7.99 (down from a very recent price of $9.99 at most reasonable dealers) or you can order 1,000 rounds of it for $79.99 and receive free shipping. This deal is being offered by Palmetto State Armory, or at least it was being offered yesterday, for 36 grain hollow point and 40 grain round nose Mini Mags. That is not a bad deal at all considering recent prices. Now you may want to wait while hoping the price goes don more but me, I placed my order last night. That should put my 22LR tock back up to the inventory amount I had before I visited Brendan down in AR and brought him a veritable cornucopia of my ammo stores.

All the best,
Glenn B

Fairy Tales Can Come True - Even On The Surpeme Court

An excellent rumor is being circulated that Supreme Court Justice Antony Kennedy may retire this month or at least announce his retirement. To me it seems more like a fairy tale than a rumor but as they say "fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you're young at heart". So folks, I am thinking, acting and going to be feeling young at heart, at least until this libturd justice is out and forgotten. More here.

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