Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So Maybe The Preppers Are Not That Crazy After All...

...since the so called Doomsday Clock is now at 3 minutes to midnight; midnight being the hour at which we arrive at a global apocalypse due to something like a nuclear war. See this.

Pardon me while I order another 40 pounds of dried beans, 40 lbs. of flour, 1k rounds of 7.62x39mm ammo and a couple of 1/4 oz. gold coins. No, I cannot afford it all at once, so I order such things in dribs and drabs, at least once a month.

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Funny No One Has Mentioned Narcotics Smuggling

So, American Airlines passenger, at JFKIA, get off the plane and some are ushered, through a doorway, into the domestic arrivals area without going through Customs. This has brought up a concern about terrorist entering the USA in this manner. It also just happened, another time, at the same airport with the same airline, within recent months.

Through the view of my now older but once highly observant and well trained investigative eyes (trained in part by none other that the U.S. Customs Service), I have to, kind of, sort of, almost make a bet that these incidents may have been due to an airline employee being on the take, and being involved in an internal conspiracy, who allowed narcotics mules through those doors with their drugs. More here.

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Glenn B

How Long Will It Take For The Feds To Call Him An Islamic Terrorist?

The FBI has arrested a Muslin POS who planned to attack a Masonic Temple and kill as many people as he could kill. How long will it be before the feds call him a muslim/islamic terrorist? My guess is anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months. I also am willing to bet that Obummer never calls this guy a terrorist.

More here.

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