Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hope You Had A Happy Mothers' Day - My Mom Did

I visited my mom at the assisted living facility where she lives. It is really a very nice place. She has her own apartment, this is not a nursing home and she shares a community room, a dining area and a fairly nice garden. I visited her today and when she saw me, she was brought to tears, happy ones - go figure. We took a walk to the marina at the end of the block on which she lives, she rode in a wheel chair and I pushed. It is about a half mile from her front door to the end of the pier. Once there we sat there, enjoyed the nice day, and talked for about an hour or a bit more. Then back to her apartment. My sister and sister-in-law visited her yesterday.

Our visit today was a short one, only about an hour and a half in total but I had to get back home because my mother-in-law was coming over. Sadly my mom cannot visit our house because it is just too inaccessible for her; she cannot do stairs and the only bathrooms are on the 2nd floor and in the basement plus there are entry stairs.

The next visit will probably be longer as they usually are and I may take her out to eat somewhere local to her place. There is a nice seafood restaurant at the marina. Today, I considered stopping in there with my mom and forgoing the visit with my mother-in-law and brothers-in-law but saw it already was way too packed at half past noon to have an enjoyable time there. There was a huge crowd of Mothers' Day revelers. I figured another day would be nicer, less hurried and no reservations required. Then again, I also bought her a gift card for Friendly's awhile back, she loves ice cream, that we still have to use. If it was up to me, I think the seafood restaurant would win out but she does love ice cream and I will have to leave the choice up to my mom.

All the best,
Glenn B

Are You A Tax Payer - Then You Should Be Furious...

...once you watch this video. Granted this video is about California's welfare system but you could easily extrapolate to wind up at the conclusion that this is the same basic thing happening in any state in the USA that hands out welfare. They all hand out way too much of our money to those useless pieces of crap on the dole. I say make them work, make it work-fare not welfare or give them no support at all. If they do not want to work, banish them to an island and feed them on old stale bread, cheese and peanut butter with only water to drink. You would see them become productive citizens really quickly if that were put into effect.

A hat tip to Wirecutter for having posted this on his site from whence I shamelessly lifted it.

All the best,
Glenn B

Hey Al Gore, Was it Global Warming...

...or cooling or the catchall of climate change that was responsible for this event; see:

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Let me just say: Fuck you Al Gore, you egregiously repetitive deceitful sack of shit.


All the best,
Glenn B
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