Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Dark Continent Eludes Me

Since I began tracking visits to my blog, I have always hoped to find that, at sometime in any given 24 hour period, I would have had visitors to my blog from the 6 continents (yes I realize there are 7 continents but I am talking ones with countries located therein and thereby excluding Antarctica). While it may have happened already, it has not done so to my knowledge. I have come close several times, for instance today, when I looked, I saw that I had visits from 5 continents but that as usual, the Dark Continent eludes me.

Oh well, today is still just another day in Paradise.

All the best,
Glenn B

Poisoned OJ at Starbucks - Motive a Total Mystery???

Police are in essence reporting that they have no clue as to the motive of a California pharmacist, Ramineh Behbehanian, who allegedly placed two bottles of poisoned orange juice onto the shelves at a San Jose Starbucks. The juice was reportedly tainted with enough rubbing alcohol to kill someone had they taken a drink of it. I would suggest to the police that they look closely at the subject's name and that it may give them a clue as to her motive(s). Granted you cannot judge a person by their name, but her name could point law enforcement in the right direction to look for a motive even if she stays mum and lawyers- up. Once pointed in that direction, authorities could then seek other clues and evidence and if they found such could use it in her prosecution; if they don't find anything they could look elsewhere. To ignore her likely ethnicity, would definitely be ignoring a source of her possible motive(s).

If the above was not hint enough, let me just say that the name Ramineh is a common name among Iranians and among other Muslims. Now, she may or may not be Muslim and her motives may or may not be related to Islam, but her name is certainly a clue (no matter how small) as to her possible motive(s) and the clue should be fully investigated in light of the fact of another recent religiously motivated act of terrorism.

Of course though, I understand the police not wanting to give any hint they think that her motive may have been religiously motivated because authorities have to be ever so sensitive to avoid possibly insulting the Islamic community as opposed to how they would treat, another community and maybe it is too early to determine what was her motive. Yet, whether she is Islamic or not, kissing the asses of Islamic terrorists, until they finally destroy America, is not the smart way to go, so I pray they are at least investigating that possibility. Doing a thorough investigation based on all the facts would be smart. I am not hopeful that will happen - remember it took place in California.


All the best,
Glenn B
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