Friday, August 17, 2007

The Best of YouTube? You decide, but I think so!

One of the all time 'songs of truth' has been married to a bunch of photographs, making the linked to slide show at YouTube the absolute best YouTube work I have seen to date.

Now I'll grant that I have not watched all that many videos or slide shows on YouTube, but I am really beginning to think that YouTube should start to become a regular Internet surfing spot for me since it does show stuff like this. Of course I also have to thank my brother-in-law Alex, who sent this to me.

Be advised that if you are easily offended by mild curse words (and I am pretty sure it is only one curse word repeated), and I do mean a mild word by my standards naming part of the body, then this may not be for you with sound - but please realize that without sound it loses everything. Likewise, if you are easily sickened by seeing appalling photographs, you may not want to watch the slide show (nothing gruesome mind you, just sort of appalling faces), but it is well worth the watch. There is one shot, followed by another that I found to be particularly appropriate regarding the politics of one political leader.

I really have got to say it again, it is the best YouTube work I have seen. Thanks Onkel Alex.

All the best,
Glenn B

Our Government Absolutely Depraved...

...and if you need proof then just look to Census Bureau Asks That Immigration Raids Halt for 2010 Count. Are those at the top of the Census Bureau totally out of their minds? I imagine so. You see, if ICE, and the Border Patrol, and state and locals, were to get the job done - there would few to no illegal immigrants aliens within our borders to have to count in the first place; yet these morons are worried that government agents doing their jobs and enforcing the laws of our nation will cause a distrustful group of immigrunts to be even more distrustful of the government. Hell why are they distrustful in the first place - they have nothing except themselves of which to be distrustful - they are the criminals who broke the law - not me or any other government agent for enforcing them. No one in our government ever offered them streets paved with gold as an incentive for them to break the law to come here illegally. Round em up, and kick em out; and build a big fence along the whole border, a real fence with barbed wire, electricity, and maybe even some machine guns, then hire legal immigrants to patrol the borders. I would bet they would do a great job of it after having to wait years to get here.

All the best,
Glenn B

Another in the Ranks of the KMA Club...

Last night, after work, my friend Pete A and I headed off through the rather sultry streets of Manhattan to grab a bite to eat. No ordinary bite to eat mind you, I had selected the restaurant because I knew they offered good eats and about 200 different selections of Scotch Whiskey. (Not that we would be drinking of course, but it makes for better atmosphere.) I figured good food and being surrounded by good spirits was a good way to celebrate Pete's entry into the KMA Club since yesterday was the last mandatory day for him to work before he officially was eligible to retire from the bourgeois government position he has held for just under the last 29 years or so.

We went to St. Andrews Restaurant on 44th Street. I have written about it before, and all I will say here about it is that if you are ever in the heart of NYC, and want some good food and to be surrounded by fine spirits, this is a a place to try. It is a tad on the expensive side if you eat a full dinner (dinner for 2 with hypothetical drinks was $106 and change, excluding tip), but they serve bar food up front at a much less expensive hit (if only I had known this before making up my mind to treat). Well anyway, the food is truly deliciously excellent, and worth almost every penny, and the service is excellent too. I had a rack of lamb and Pete had some dish with Ocean Scallops that looked to die for. He enjoyed his meal and being surrounded by those fine spirits.

Now hypothetically speaking of course, if we were to have imbibed we would have both had a pint of crisp English cider, and after the meal he would have enjoyed a Speyside in the way of a dram of Balvenie 15 year old single barrel, and I an Island distilled 14 year old Scarps. Ah being surrounded by fine spirits is a good thing - hypothetically speaking of course.

In case you were wondering as to the references to the KMA Club, and you have not yet guessed the meaning of KMA, well just think of what you would like to tell one or two of your bosses on the day you become eligible to retire, and the K stands for Kiss, the M for My and the A for...

It was a swell time with a good friend.

All the best,
Glenn B