Friday, August 17, 2007

Our Government Absolutely Depraved...

...and if you need proof then just look to Census Bureau Asks That Immigration Raids Halt for 2010 Count. Are those at the top of the Census Bureau totally out of their minds? I imagine so. You see, if ICE, and the Border Patrol, and state and locals, were to get the job done - there would few to no illegal immigrants aliens within our borders to have to count in the first place; yet these morons are worried that government agents doing their jobs and enforcing the laws of our nation will cause a distrustful group of immigrunts to be even more distrustful of the government. Hell why are they distrustful in the first place - they have nothing except themselves of which to be distrustful - they are the criminals who broke the law - not me or any other government agent for enforcing them. No one in our government ever offered them streets paved with gold as an incentive for them to break the law to come here illegally. Round em up, and kick em out; and build a big fence along the whole border, a real fence with barbed wire, electricity, and maybe even some machine guns, then hire legal immigrants to patrol the borders. I would bet they would do a great job of it after having to wait years to get here.

All the best,
Glenn B

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Jungle Mom said...

It is all made clear in the word ILLEGAL! Why would we want criminals her4e?