Thursday, February 19, 2015

I Almost Always Recommend A Strong Side Hip Holster...

...for both open and concealed carry of  handgun. While carrying concealed, in an on the outside of the belt, or in an inside the waist band, hip holster does limit how you can dress - I usually explain, to someone asking about holsters, that limitation should be of minimal concern under most circumstances and furthermore that what is of primary concern is safety. Under most conditions, more so than with other holsters, a strong side hip holster assures you can draw on target without jeopardizing yourself or others as you otherwise might do when drawing from cross draw, shoulder, groin, or ankle holster or from something like a belly band or bra holster. It is virtually always better than carrying in pocket carry or carrying stuffed inside your waistband without a holster. With each of those other holsters, or types of carry, it is very likely you will cover yourself or someone else while drawing or that you will necessarily point the weapon in a direction other than at the target. The same goes for other concealment specialty holsters such as belly bands and bra holsters. You are simply less likely to ever point the weapon at yourself when drawing from a strong side hip holster if drawing with the strong side hand which would be the normal way to draw from one. It is almost always easier to holster a pistol, using only one hand (which can be a great tactical advantage) with a strong side hip holster (on the outside of the belt).

A single yet very sad example of why I do not like, use or recommend other types of holsters can be seen at this link in a brief article about a woman who accidentally and fatally shot herself while adjusting her bra holster. Of course, it may have been a good idea to have removed the gun from the holster before trying to adjust the fit of the holster on her body but I readily admit, I hike up my belt while the gun is in a hip holster on the belt; yet, never with a chance that I can think of that I would shoot myself with my pistol while secured in that type of a holster (at least in one that covers the trigger). Reaching inside my clothing to push around, let's say a groin holster, with the pistol still in it, would not be something I would do - it's small enough already. Likewise I would not recommend a woman reach down to adjust a bra holster while the pistol is in it; it's just too risky and as I said, I don't even recommend carry in that type of holster.

All the best,
Glenn B


Gout Sucks...

...but luckily for me, I currently have only a minor bout of it. Yet, I still am feeling miserable from my so called bad cold. In fact, I was diagnosed today with an infection in my lungs or with bronchitis - luckily it is supposedly not pneumonia. Whatever it is, the doc was not very clear on it except to assure me I have a pulmonary infection so she started me on antibiotics.

That put the kibosh on an outpatient test (in the hospital while under anesthesia) on Monday, that now has to be rescheduled. I was hoping to get that unpleasantness over with sooner than later so, I did not need the infection let alone another bout of gout. Oh well, I'll have to pick up some Moonshine Cherries since cherries are supposed to do wonders for reducing uric acid in the blood. 

The Gout by James Gillray. Published May 14th 1799
and no one has illustrated it better since then.
Anyhow, Jay G over at MArooned is also suffering from a bout of gout. Why not stop by and leave him a comment wishing him well, I am sure he would appreciate it if you did so.

All the best,
Glenn B

Sometimes You Probably Are Better Off Calling The Police...

...instead of trying to take care of business yourself. That holds especially true if you were involved in an incident that you got away from safely such as having arrived at home safe and sound and out of danger. Too bad the mom who was recently shot to death in Las Vegas and her son did not think that way. New information has revealed that after an initial incident (an apparent verbal altercation) with a group of guys in another car, during driving lessons for her 15 year old daughter, the mom and daughter headed home. Once at home, the mom had her armed son hop into her car with her and went back out looking for a carful of guys with whom she had just had an altercation. After finding them, she followed them for awhile, then she and her son headed back home. The thing is they went out looking for trouble and they found it - more than they expected because the guys in the car followed them home and at least one of them allegedly shot the mom. More here. I think they would have been much better off had they just called the police or maybe better yet had they just left it alone once she arrived home the first time or even better yet if her daughter had minded her own business because it was her action that apparently triggered the altercation. No, she did nothing that deserved her mom getting shot but when I look at the big picture, I see the possibility that at least three members of the family seem to maybe be the type that go out of their way to look for altercations. If that is the case; well, this time they found one that was way more than they could handle.

All the best,
Glenn B