Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Shotgunning...

...was about all accomplished today at the range. I had planned to do some pistol shooting along with making sure my issued Remington 870 was zeroed in at 25 yards but 30 rounds of the 12 gauge wound up being all I shot. I almost did not shoot that because I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately - just plumb run down. Since I carry the 12 gauge at work, on occasion, I figured it best be sighted in in the event the need for it ever arose. Last time I qualified with it I was shooting somewhat low at the twenty-five. Today I set up two 8 inch Shoot'N C Targets on the backer board and then let loose with 30 rounds that I had with me. I started off shooting standing, unsupported. I got a couple out of the 5 five shots right on target but could not make out where the other 3 went. I figured I was probably anticipating recoil and I concentrated on holding on target and squeezing off the trigger and also supported myself on the bench for the next 2 shots. They were almost dead center. Not the fault of the sights that my other shots, as i saw later when I retrieved my target, had gone low! After that I once again shot while standing, unsupported but using the other target. That time I got 7 out of 8 in the pie plate so to speak, and the 8th just nicking the edge of it.

That left me 15 rounds that I shot alternating back and forth between targets while do reloading drills. I loaded with 2 or 3 rounds, fired them off then reloaded with 2 or three and fired them off all in rapid succession. Most of them hit the 8 inch targets though a few went and inch or so low but were still pretty much centered laterally.

Apparently, when I qualified last, I was anticipating recoil and shot low. I had thought it might have been the rear sight - because it had literally fallen off of the receiver just before I left home to come to Phoenix. When I put it back on, I set it midway on its ramp. I found out today that I had gotten the sight set in just the right spot and that my shooting low during quals was just due to me anticipating recoil - or in other words was due to shooter error. It just took a little practice to overcome that problem. When I did not flinch today the shots were right in the targets in about a large fist sized to 3/4 open hand sized groups. That is okay in my book with a slug gun at 25 yards shooting unsupported; more than good enough for government work, so to speak. They all would have hit the torso of a man sized target. I hope I never need to use it that way but I have one issued to me for a reason - so I may as well be ready to use it and proficient with it if need ever arises.

After a job well done, I quit and headed back to my apartment and took a long nap.

All the best,
Glenn B