Thursday, November 22, 2007


...wishes to all of you were not forgotten by me today. The thought has been there within one of the front corners of my mind to get this done today but I just did not find the time. My apologies for sending out this wish to all of you until this evening.

As you enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving try to remember that the celebration is one that can and should go across all boundaries of: religion, race, ethnicity, citizenship, nationality, and all economic levels. Today is not, as some asshole liberal jerks malcontents would have us believe, a national day of mourning. Nor is it a day for the Native Americans to think of how they were displaced by Europeans and later by non-native Americans. It is a day to put all of that nastiness aside, a day to be thankful for what we have had in our lives, for what we do have in the moment, and for what we will have tomorrow. That is what was done on the earliest of Thanksgivings, and that is what should be done today. There is no reason for any of us not to wish anyone a Happy Thanksgiving, that is unless of course we just do not want to do so because of blackness in our own hearts. My wish that you enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving goes out to each and every person who reads this. If we were all more thankful for what we had we would be better off, myself included.

All the best,
Glenn B