Monday, September 3, 2007

Trash into Treasure (TiT)

Yes floks it is time to take advantage of the TiT concept and suck it for all it is worth; I think I may have a garage sale - a sort of Trash into Treasure kind of a thing. I decided this while out of my mind today, out of my mind with garage cleaning that is. Why out of my mind, because it involved work that made me perspire. Heck I could have hired a wet-back for that instead of getting wet myself. Oh well...

At 78 degrees Fahrenheit, you wouldn't think someone could work up much of a sweat doing fairly easy manual labor, but I sure did. I am drenched, maybe because it took a few hours of work to get here; and now I am having a Spaten Oktoberfest to cool me off (the 2nd one so far), and drench my insides. Somehow, I was inspired, by some quirk of misfiring neurons in my brain, to actually do some work around the homestead today. So I cleaned out the garage and backyard shed. I do this about twice a year if I am feeling frisky, once in the spring, once in the fall (I am early this year). This is the 2nd time this year. I almost could not believe all the mess that could accumulate since April or May when I last did this. I guess because the garage gets opened more in the spring and summer so the lawn mower can get in and out, all those little nasties like dead leaves, dust, and whatever else can blow in surely do just that - they blow in an accumulate in the corners, and under whatever is piled in the garage.

Well, I cleaned most of everything today. I did not touch my son's hobby table, he can do that. I did pull out all of my son's sports equipment so he can sort through it and decide what to get rid of. I also pulled out old tools, a computer scanner new in the box, Franklin Mint Plates from the Sound of Music series (in the boxes with certificates), old rusty tools, beach or lawn chairs, rolls of chicken wire and mesh screening/fencing, a Flexible Flyer, a 1999 Hess truck in its unopened box, some old wood cheese boxes, a View Master with reels in its own plastic box, some fishing stuff, a fish tank or two, books (lots on photography, and some novels, ephemera (very old post cards and a box full of old sheet music), car needs, some of my daughter's college supplies - like a mini fridge, a microwave oven, a small television, a floor fan, an electric radiator, a window fan, and so forth. After pulling it all out, I swept the garage clean. Then I put it all back, but neatly this time - that is except for my son's sporting stuff - he can go through that himself. All of the things I decided we do not need will be placed up for sale at a garage sale yet to come, there will be other surprises not listed above too. So if any of you want to travel here, from let's say India, England, Canada, Texas, Tennessee, Wyoming, California, Arizona, Maine, or wherever you are when you read this, feel free to bring money to spend, and lots of it. I figure it this way, once upon a time we treasured this stuff, but now it is just about trash to us (even though a lot of it is in very good to like new condition), and one man's trash is another man's treasure. So bring money.

The tentative sale date will be September 15, from 10:00 Am until 4:00 Pm. Rain date will be September 16, same hours. It will be a one day sale, all sales final. If I am lucky I will bring in $100, if not then maybe $50. It should just be fun trying to figure out who comes by looking and only hoping to find it in my trash the next day or two if it does not sell.

That's it, and I am keeping my fingers crossed that it does not rain, that I sell some stuff, and that I make a few bucks. I also am betting that my reference to TiT will get me a lot of hits for this post. Take it as I mean it, not as the pervs would like to.

All the best,
Glenn B

Trash into Treasure - Garage Sale