Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ballseye's Gun Shots 48 - A Young Man At Arms

I guess I forgot to mention in an earlier post that - my son Brendan bought his second rifle last week. He is now the proud owner of a brand new Stag Arms Model 8 (click on the link for some info on the rifle and click on the pic for a much bigger version of it). The model 8 is an AR type rifle with a twist, that being it has a gas Piston System akin to those in an AK. This gets the price up there a bit, the MSRP is $1,145. Then again, being he bought in in NY that also brought the price up. They were asking something like $1700 and he got it for $1,500. The one he got has at least some NY required modifications such as a non-collapsible stock (the stock looks like a collapsible one but is not) and no bayonet lug if they come with one in other places. Of course he also only got it with a 10 round magazine. NY still has an assault weapons and hi-cap mag ban. I am hoping that for the high price he got some extra magazines with it but if not - oh well.

He has already gone out to shoot it at the
Long Island Shooting Range of Brookhaven. He tried sighting it in, but I think he had his share of problems trying to get it centered. He used 55 grain ammo and the barrel has a 1 in 9 twist rate. I explained to him that he probably needed heavier ammo around 65 grains. So when he has enough money saved to buy some ammo I suppose he will try all over again, this time probably with much better success. Too bad the gun store guy did not have had the courtesy to explain to him that because of the 1 in 9 twist the rifle required heavier ammo to shoot accurately. Then again, that is the same dealer who at first insisted to my son that the model he had in stock was the Model 8L. He claimed 8L was the designation for the right handed model. The 8L is actually a left handed model but the dealer actually had the Model 8 with the wrong model number on the price tag. Oh well, it had to have been a learning experience for Brendan.

All of that aside, he seems pretty happy with the rifle. While he did not get it sighted in just right (and I think only because of the ammo he was using) he did not mention jams or other problems. My bet is he will be shooting this thing for a long time based on the feedback I have read on Stag Arms products. I may have to help him along on his mission to getting it sighted in properly and order some .223 ammo for him once I make sure that the heavier ammo is better for the twist rate in his barrel. I sent an email to the company because after calling and speaking to someone in the gun store I arrived at the conclusion they are brain dead and there just to make sales. Stag Arms, on the other hand, promptly and courteously answered an email inquiry I sent to them previously on this same model, so I figure they will do likewise to help out with my current questions especially now that my son actually bought their product.

I cannot wait to get home to go and shoot it with him. Of course that means I'll have to spring for about a case of ammo but what are fathers for anyhow!

All the best,
Glenn B

Just Like That - Up In A Puff Of Smoke...

...and we have lost, at least temporarily, another excellent blogger. Heck, I just found the guy (although he has been around for awhile) and was really enjoying his blog and then for reasons unknown, The Hermit over at 'Smoke signals' decided to call it quits for blogging. He said he will still be reading others blogs just not blogging himself. He will be missed in that regard; he had a great blog chock full of information about guns and planning for survival, and other posts about: family, our military, politics, daily life, movie reviews and other things. I also enjoyed his pics of the area in which he lived.

Plenty of good reading there still to be enjoyed in his past posts that I have not read yet, so I imagine they will keep me busy for a bit.

Oh well, his latest post title was
I'll be off line for awhile. One can only hope that indicates it will be just a temporary hiatus. Hurry back Hermit!

All the best,
Glenn B