Friday, September 5, 2014

I Wonder When The Whites Near Rochester Will Riot Over...

...the shooting death of European American (yes that means he was white) police officer Daryl Pierson who was gunned down on Wednesday by a black man. The suspect also happened to be a convicted felon (source) - but how could what he had done in the past matter, just like it supposedly did not matter in Fergusson, MO. So this must be a race crime right!

Where is the instantaneous outrage that was seen in Fergusson, MO over a supposed racial killing? Where are the race baiters like Al Sharpton now that both the black and white races are involved? Why isn't there outrage that a black man gunned down a white man? Hey Rev. Al, you are a hypocrite first and foremost, in my book.

What a sad state of affairs this country is in not only that it is full of race baiting hypocrites but that such a crime of gun violence could take place in what New York's governor touts as one of the safest states in the Union because of his dark of night legislation, the anti-gun NY Safe Act. Gun control will not work, cannot work, when you restrict the firearms rights of the law abiding citizenry and allow the scum of the country to freely roam our streets while armed. They should either have been executed or still in jail for their crimes and not out on the streets able to commit more crimes - but such are the liberal policies of leftist America. The dirt bag who shot and killed officer Pierson would never have had the opportunity to have done so had he remained behind bars. FUAC.

A hat tip to Dennis McC for the link to the source article.

All the best,
Glenn B

Do You Miss Him Yet?

He may have been a fairly liberal Republican (the most liberal republican president in my lifetime and for decades before that), he may have not been the brightest bulb ever in the socket, he may have been hated by the left and the media and terrorists, but he certainly was a man who took the security of this nation above all other considerations. He knew we had to hit terrorists and hit em hard with pretty much all we had in order not just to win a battle but to win the entire war on terrorism. In that regard, he was very unlike the current pansy sitting in the White House.

One thing is for sure, he was right on in his assessment of whether or not our troops should have remained in Iraq . Regardless of whether or not they belonged there in the first place, once they were there and  terrorists flocked there to fight us, Iraq should have become a major theater in the war on terrorism and we should have made it and Afghanistan their last stands. His assessment, or should I say prophetic words, on this subject can be seen in the embedded video.

All the best,
Glenn B
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