Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Get Little Pleasure From Blogging...

...and may just have to say fuck it in the very near future, at least for a short while. Same goes for the status quo in the rest of my daily doldrums as of late. The same old shit, just about every day in every way, has gotten boring in retirement. I think I need a road trip - a more or less totally random one, on a moment's whim like I have not taken in many a year - by myself. Don't know if I will take that trip - to anywhere - to nowhere - to wherever the heck I wind up - but it sure is tempting even if I am not a youngster any longer.

Those trips always did me good in the past when I was a much younger man. I don't see how one could do me any different now that I am an older fucker. Once a fucker, always a fucker - right Mike! (Mike T. is gone to this world forever but if he could see this he would agree, I am sure of that.)

Later 4 All of You,

Holy Hot & Humid Hazes Batman... it August already! It's been kind of hot too, hotter than most of July which is a bit unusual. In fact it's been so hot that some folks may be deciding to hit the outdoor ranges at around dusk to start shooting.

This gal may have arrived earl to soak up some
rays first but she sure looks ready to shoot.

All the best,

At Least His Brother Seems To Be More Fiscally Conservative...

...than appears to be Dan Price, the owner of a Seattle business who decided, a few months or so back, to start paying every one of his employees $70,000 per year salary. Dan Price is now reportedly suffering the consequences - losing both customers and employees and is struggling to makes ends meet. It is said he now has to rent out his own house to pay the bills.

Lucas Price, his apparently more business minded partner and his brother, who owns 30% of the company, reportedly is suing him because of lost revenue or benefits of his minority ownership. Who could blame him after his brother pulled an evidently financially unstable move like that! More here.

All the best,
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