Friday, July 25, 2008

The Police

Heck, I could have just bought 2 tickets online for pretty good seats at the final Police show in their reunion tour (and supposedly final tour forever). One level above floor level, to front of stage to left of stage as you look at it, 6th row, aisle seats. Really good seats, but man oh man $359 each, plus $18.50 handling fee each. I was sorely tempted if only because I was thinking I could sell one and still go and almost have paid for both by selling the one, or sell both and have some decent profit. Then again, I am a wussie and don't want to take the chance of getting skunked and holding two tickets, without getting any of the money back. Of course, I could always take my wife, but I doubt she would appreciate the show, or the fact that I would have to go into hock to buy the tickets.

Maybe I should check out a show before the final show.

All the best,
Glenn B