Monday, July 22, 2013

No TV Until At Least Thursday... least down in the man-cave basement. The TV and set-top box were acting up down there and they sent me a replacement last week. The replacement is working less well than was the original. Now I have no television at all in the basement except for a blank screen.

Of course, bad things don't travel alone and my Verizon Internet is not working properly either. The router seems to be having a problem. I also spoke to them about that last week and the technician did some of this and some of that and had me do some o whatever and it seemed to get somewhat better and then got worse again. Now, instead of my connection being extremely slow, I intermittently lose the signal altogether.

When I went over the television and Internet problems with the technician tonight, he told me that pixilation problems I have had watching on demand movies is due to the Internet router as the movies come over the Internet. Go figure, I would have thought they came over the fiber optic cable. He said the other problems I have been having are due to the set-top box.

He made the soonest available morning appointment for me, to have a technician come to my house, and that will be on Thursday morning. No TV until then unless I watch upstairs in the living room which may or may not happen. because that is the domain of she who must be adored. Hopefully my Internet service will not go completely out too - that would drive me to do something like cleaning guns, as I did tonight because the TV was out, and I only have about a day's worth left to clean. If I run out of them to clean I may have to fix something in the house - perish the thought.

All the best,
Glenn B

Winchester Model 37 Shotgun Disassembly Attempt

I planned on disassembling my Winchester Model 37, single barrel shotgun, tonight but was stopped short because I did not have a long enough screwdriver to remove the stock and its inner workings. Oh well, time to buy a longer screwdriver.
I did take it down enough to take of the forend and remove the barrel for cleaning. When doing so, I found out that it is missing the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger Pin. No big deal, all that meant is that I had to use a substitute to be able to compress the Forend Shoe Retainer Plunger in order to remove the remove the Forend Shoe so that I could take the barrel off. I used a tiny Allen wrench through the pin opening. Worked okay but I ruined the Allen wrench. If you would like to see a video of disassembly, there is at least this one on YouTube:

The pin only facilitates disassembly and does not hold anything in place so, I did not need to replace it but I decided to anyway. Thanks to Numrich Gun Parts Corporation, I was able to find a replacement for it. The good news was that it only cost $2.35. The slightly annoying news was that shipping for it went for $4.95 and tax was another .63 cents bringing the total to $7.93 for a $2.35 part! Oh well, I imagine such is life.

I cleaned up the shotgun as well as I could without doing a total detail strip and I think that will be more than good enough for now. I am probably going to bring it to the Sixth Annual Bloggershoot on August 3rd and have some fun wit it there.

All the best,
Glenn B

PMC Bronze 9mm, 115 grain, FMJ Ammo At Cabela's @ $14.99 Per Box

PMC Bronze, 9mm 115 gr. FMJ Ammo for $14.99 at Cabela's. Certainly not a historically good price but better than there has been as of late for brass cased 9mm.

UPDATE ADDED On 07/22/13 at 1645: While this ammo was selling at Cabela's, last night into early this morning, for $14.99 per box, it is now being sold by Cabela's for $21.99 per box. Go figure, that is a 47% increase within less than one day. I picked up 500 rounds  at the lower price because I knew it was the best deal on brass cased 9mm ammo I had seen a in awhile. I hope you did likewise if you needed any 9mm. Even though lots of ammunition is now available, the prices are staying way too high.

NY Safe but still shooting,
Glenn B