Tuesday, April 1, 2008

FITNA Revisted and Reposted

My goodness, I almost cannot believe that LiveLeak has reposted the short film FITNA. Hurry and view it before it gets pulled again. Now I wonder should I retract my earlier comments about the folks at LiveLeak having crumpled like a peed upon wad of toilet paper. No I think not because my bet is that they put Fitna back in place on their site because of pressure from the public. Hmm, pressure from Muslims makes them pulls it, pressure from the public and suddenly it goes back online, at least that is my theory.

Well I must say I am happy that maybe LiveLeak saw the light, and maybe they decided that to air it would be the better thing to do just out of principal. One can hope so, and I am hoping that is the case. If it turns out being the case, well then I will say good for LiveLeak. Until that is proven to me, I'll go with my thoughts above.

You can view Fitna below as I have embedded it in this post. Funny though, I just went to LiveLeak.com and did a search to find Fitna to get the code so I could embed it in this post. That should have been the easy way to do it, but when I searched for Fitna at LiveLeak I got everything and anything to do with it - both pro and con - but not the film itself. I had to go to my previous post and take the code from it, and place it in this post. LiveLeak does not seem to be making it easy. Oh well, you can see it below.

All the best,
Glenn B