Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Don't Want To Read To Much Into It...

...but it seems as if I have been selected, out of a group of about 150 candidates, to write for another gun blog. I will let you know more about it if actually got that right. As of right now, I am 99% certain I have been slected but want to wait until 100% sure before giving the details.

What will be very nice about that is it seems I will only have to write a piece for that blog once per month and I will have the opportunity to do reviews of guns, ammo and accessories. I think I could come to truly enjoy a gig like that.

All the best,
Glenn B

Countdown To December 21st - Will It Be An Alien Invasion

Some folks seem to be thinking so in light of recent claims of unidentified flying objects reportedly seen over both Brooklyn in New York Shitty and over the Mission District of San Fransicko.

The Day The Earth Stood Still - 1951
Gort gets the message - "Klaatu barada nikto"
and subsequently spares the Earth!
If it comes down to an invasion from outer space, then BBQ'd alien iguana sounds pretty good for Christmas dinner! If it is a friendly visit then make nice and invite them over for dinner but remember - trust no one - especially illegal aliens and that includes Mexicans as well as Venutians or Plutonians.

Shoot em in the eye. No, not that thing on
the end of the stalk.The aliens were inside,
that thing is their ship's viewer and also
the ships dastardly death ray shooter.
Whatever, if it happens it happens. I could see myself doing a lot of praying like the preacher man here but only to the gods war with a Mosin Nagant my hands. I see a 7.62x54R doing the trick on either one of these alien terrors or on whatever else they throw at us. I think we are ready, even for an alien invasion from space, at our house. Are you ready?

All the best,
Glenn B


...I did it.

Not my wife, kids, friends, the police, the feds, military personnel nor CIA spooks could get more out of me. That is all.

All the best,
Glenn B

Besides Wishing The Living Victim A Speedy Recovery... can hope a few things with regard to the shootings at the mall in Oregon. First that the relatives and loved ones of all of the victims find peace. Second, that something like this does not happen again soon. Third, and this would be music to my ears played on the harps of the strong, that the police come to discover it is not a 5.56x45mm or .223 round that killed the bad guy. In other words, I would be ecstatic to learn that the bullet that took the bad guy down was fired from a handgun, by a person as yet, and who will remain, unknown - who quietly left the scene after putting down the bad guy shooter  / apparent psycho.

All the best,
Glenn B

Happy Hanukkah

Yes, I am tardy with this one but truly it is better late than never.

I hope all of you who celebrate Hanukkah have a joyous one.

All the best,