Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Two More Days...

...until I receive my metal detector if all goes as scheduled according to UPS tracking of my package. Now that I am free of working on the flooring in my son's room, I think I can safely leave some other chores until the weekend after this one coming up, and that means that maybe this weekend I'll get out, do some sweeping with the MD, do some digging in the dirt, get myself dirty and maybe rich at the same time. Nah, I don't believe the rich part, but it may really be fun to get out there every now and then and search for buried treasure. Who can truly say that there was not at least one time in their lifetimes that they did not think of prospecting or searching for treasure. Maybe Mother Teresa could have said it, but certainly none of you - at one time or another, from childhood through old age, it crosses the minds of all of us (well that is my guess anyhow). Finally, I am going to do something about those urges which have afflicted me since my very young years. Who knows, maybe - just maybe - I'll find Blackbeard's treasure or better. Chances are though I'll come up with something like an old rusty nail, but then again if it is holding together a treasure chest.........

Just dreaming, and sharing the dream with you.

All the best,
Glenn B
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