Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is He An Islamic Terrorist/Jihadist?

Go to Debbie Schlussel's site at and read this rant, that was posted on 02/15/2007: DISTURBING: What You Don't Know About the Muslim Trolley Square Terrorist. It kind of answers a question I had in one of my own rants a day or so ago @ when I asked if the media knew anything they were not reporting about the alleged 'Trolley Square Mall' killer, Sulejman Talovic, in Salt Lake City. It really is disturbing to see that the main stream media jerks who constantly yammer about their "Freedom of the Press" are quite the censors themselves; and they apparently don't freely print pertinent information when it comes to protecting the identities of those whom they seemingly favor. The shame of it is that they seem to favor dirtbags, whackos, criminals, and terrorists.

Fine job that woman does reporting on, and exposing, such things. Keep up the good work, Debbie!

All the best,
Glenn B

A Few Small Cosmetic Changes... and there to the Ballseye's Boomers page have taken place over the last several hours or so. I switched to the newer version of Blogger, and I will admit I did so with some trepidation, but so far all seems to be okay in the land of virtual reality, or so I hope. If anything seems to be missing, that had been on the older version of my page, please let me know in the comments section to this post.

Some new things that came with the new version of Blogger, that my readers can use, are: a search this blog feature, and an email this post to a friend (or an enemy I suppose) feature.

One thing that changed, which had nothing to do with the switch to the newer version of Blogger is the Never Forget slide show on the right side of my page. I picked that up at another web site: Cap'n Bob & the Damsel, and you can too if you click on the link under the pictures of 9/11, or if you visit their site. It was a freebie as they say, and a decent remembrance of 9/11 at that. My thanks to the kind folks who run said site.

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Glenn B

HTML Code for Strike Over

Anyone know what the html code is for "strike over", or "strike" (cross out a word)? If so please leave it in the comments section.

Yes it appears that even I can figure some of these things out with a little help from a free online tutorial that I found I gave that a quuick look, then firgured to try the word " strike" between the <> (one each of those <>, with the word strike inside them, both before and after the part I wanted struck out) and I got a terrible result. The strike line went through every word in every one of my posts on my site. Yikes. Then I added a / just before the second word strike, and that stopped it where it belonged stopped. That one little slash made a heck of a lot of difference. If I did not explain that computer mumbo jumbo well in words that is tough because each time I try to picture it here, it just strikes out whatever I use as an example.

All the best,
Glenn B

Oh The Moronic Irony...

...of a statement like this:

“Any harm to the secretary general of Islamic Jihad will endanger American interests everywhere in the region,”

It should be, I think, apparent to anyone (at least of adult age) but a raving Islamic Jihadist Terrorist, or a raving ultra leftist liberal, that the statement was both moronic and ironic. Even the guy who said it probably should have realized such. Yet this is just what Abu Ahmed, an alleged spokesman for a Palestinian terrorist organization, was quoted as having said in the article: Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terror Group Warns U.S. to Keep Hands Off Its Leader; see the article at @,2933,252002,00.html The rather ironic statement came in response to the FBI posting a $5 million reward for Ramadan Abdullah Mohammad Shallah who is believed to be in Syria.

If you read the statement, while you utilize almost any amount of gray cell power (that would be brain power for you who don't see the irony), you would realize it is either quite ironic or moronic or both. You see, as it was before the reward was offered, all American (America as in USA) interests in the area were already in danger from the Islamic Jihadists who had already, numerous times, threatened those interests. In fact those interests are repeatedly attacked (not just endangered) as can be seen by a review of those in the area who have been kidnapped and beheaded, or as can be witnessed by review of the other U.S. interests that have been otherwise attacked by terrorists. With all of those terrorists attacks already having happened (I truly hope I do not have to name them all, but there certainly have been many such attacks against U.S. interests in the region), now the terrorists want us to believe that should we go forward in our attempts to arrest Shallah, it will somehow threaten our interests in the area. Who is kidding whom here!

Do the terrorists truly believe that the threat of violence against U.S. interests will stop us from trying to destroy those who already have threatened, even attacked, those interests? Or is it just that the terrorists believe that this chest pounding will be taken to heart by some anti-war, anti-self defense, anti-everything American type of liberal nut-case here in the USA, who will then rally the other nut-cases to protest the rewards that have been offered? The sad thing is that there will almost assuredly be some sort of backwash from the ultra liberal left here in our own country that will protest the offered rewards as somehow being the engine of our future destruction by the Jihadists.

It really is a Mad, Mad, Mad World - isn't it!

I figure we need to just keep up the fight against these head-cases if only because we cannot seem to please them one way or another - so we may as well beat them into hell (or heaven as they choose), before they destroy us.

All the best,
Glenn B
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