Friday, October 24, 2014

Whatever Happened To Amber Vinson

Amber Vinson - you remember her don't you. Just weeks ago, she was diagnosed with Ebola. She was the second nurse to treat Thomas Duncan who came down with Ebola. Nina Pham seems to have been getting all the headlines, or at least most of them, in stories about both of them. Tonight I just read excellent news about  good news that should have made it into the headlines about Amber Vinson. She has been declared Ebola free - she has beaten it. That story is hidden in a headliner story about Pham when it should have headlines all of its own!. Go figure. More here.

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Questions To Ask About The Attack On Cops In NYC

The reporter asked the ex-cop if the police officers who reportedly shot an innocent bystander did anything wrong and he says "No, absolutely...". He may be right and he may be wrong on that point. You need to ask some questions: Are the police suddenly no longer responsible for each and every shot they fire? Was the threat perceived as being so great that it overrode the precaution not to fire with innocents in the line of the shots?

They are responsible for each and every shot they take and its not time to spray and pray when something like that happens but nonetheless it may have been time to shoot. If the imminent threat was so great to others (the officers and or the public) that it was necessary to fire immediately and the threat posed by police bullets was less than that posed by a guy armed with a hatchet, then they may have been justified even when innocents were in background of the line of fire. Regardless, I think you safely can bet that when the woman files a lawsuit she will win a substantial amount of compensation or the city will just make a settlement with her.

One other thing of note, listen to the part about the police officers all posing for photographs for which a supposed photographer had asked them to pose. Okay, they made a rookie mistake and stopped paying attention to their surroundings but maybe it was more than that. Maybe the photographer was in on the attack and set them up by diverting their attention. I am not alleging that was the case but bringing up the point that I have not heard one mention of that possibility from the police but I hope they are investigating it.

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I Can Predict Who Gets A TSA Pat Down

Really, I can and it's easy to do. Scroll down and you'll see what I mean:

keep scrolling...

just a bit more...

here you go:

It's going to be the guy with the grey hair and white t-shirt because that's the way TSA rolls.
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Correction On Dr. Craig Spencer & Ebola In NYC

In my last bog post on the subject, I said that it had been reported that Dr. Craig Spencer reported himself with a fever of 103 degrees and that he subsequently tested positive ,for having Ebola, at New York City's Bellevue Hospital. It has now come to light that initial reports containing that information were incorrect. According to more recent news reports, he reported himself when his temperature was 100.3 and not 103. According to the NY Times:

"Health officials initially said that Dr. Spencer had a 103-degree fever when he reported his symptoms to authorities at around 11 a.m. on Thursday. But on Friday, health officials said that was incorrect and that Dr. Spencer reported having a 100.3-degree fever. They said the mistake was because of a transcription error." (source)

So it seems that Dr. Spencer followed current (hopefully adequate)protocols and that his fever did not suddenly blossom from nothing to almost nuclear in the wink of an eye. Hopefully that will mean that he as not able to infect others with Ebola in the days prior, to his self reporting and being put into quarantine, while he was free to roam one of the most populous cities on earth.

Let's keep him in our thoughts, well wishes and prayers and hope they have contained it in his case before any further spread of this dreaded disease.

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Glenn B
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