Sunday, August 22, 2010

Was He Eaten By A Bear While Making A Video To Prove That The Bear Really Does Poop In The Woods???

This video was discovered on a camera found by a couple while they were hiking through an area known to be frequented by large black bears in upstate NY. When found, the camera was lying in an area surrounded by bear several droppings. Though dented and scratched and in pretty bad shape, their were no bite marks or other definite bear sign on the camera. The memory card was still intact. The video is the last known activity of the pictured man in said area. The man who has not yet been identified is believed to have been from an urban area because he refers to himself, within the brief video, as a 'city guy'.

In answer to his own sarcastic question, he apparently did not know enough about bears to be a bit more watchful while in a small patch of woods containing 13 (count em) bear shits poopies, nor to realize that maybe 13 was not his lucky number but that 14 could be the bear's lucky number in that it would finally be getting some meat through his system and he (the city guy) would be the meat. It does seem as if something else caught his attention just before the video went dead as he starts to look all around him then comes back to one spot as if he heard or saw something in that very last scene. We can only guess it may have been a bear or bears that left all that bear sign in the area.

Please be advised, if you are eating or otherwise have a weak stomach, you may not want to watch this video, the subject matter is not pretty. It certainly does make one wonder though if the bears in the area had been lacking red meat in their diets, what with all the apparent evidence that they had been eating an awful lot of berries or fruits with fairly large pits and because there were no remains of 'city guy' to be found anywhere. It is hypothesized that the bear may have had such a bad hankerin' for red meat that, if it attacked and ate this man, it ate everything down to every last blood splattered leaf and every last thread of blood soaked clothing that should have been evident after a violent attack. Must have been a mighty big bear to get that guy down in one sitting, or maybe it was a mama bear and her cubs like the man said, in the video, he had hoped he would not run across. Three bears could have easily packed away even a very big lunkhead like him. Just imagine, if you will, an idiot walking through the woods, then prancing around the super seKrit spot 'where the bear shits poops (or bears shit poop) in the woods' while blabbing to himself as he filmed it - it must have looked like an easy meal to a bear, a darned tasty one (bears, just like us all, know fat makes for tasty meat) and a very large meal at that.


As I said though, there was no evidence of a mauling or of this guy being eaten, just this video found in his camera and him - who knows where he is! The mystery continues...and we are hopeful of solving it. So, we are thinking of making a movie along the lines of The Blair Witch Project if we can find a group of young videographers stupid intrepid enough to spend a couple of days and nights in the same area looking for the 'city guy'. Any takers?

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Andrew Klavan - puts it in a light that should make it understandable even to liberals

This guy is excellent:

I am going to have to look at more of his work.

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